Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Do You See What I See"???

No, not a star, but but something that is also wonderful and special!
Do you remember reading here about where Mr. and Mrs. Duck went? Well, the other weekend we found a little "HOME" that she made. I noticed that there was a clump of root ball hanging down from the basket. K.C. tipped the hanging basket a bit and we found a beautiful pale blue egg inside!!!

Then about Tuesday of last week we found Mrs. Duck, back in here Pent House, staying put on her bundle of joy(s). Remember, I did tip you in that my backyard seemed to be a maternity ward this Spring!
I am growing a...!!! WHAT!?

This is what can happen if you forget to clean up your hanging basket in the fall... Maybe you should thing about it? hehehe
We have a very good wildlife preserve,where they care and rehabilitate wounded birds etc. then return them to the wild. I called and the prompters directed me to Geese and Duck info... Very interesting. Geese mate for life, Ducks for the season of mating, leaving within one week once incubation starts. This means within one week of her sitting on the nest he leaves. That is the way it works for the Duck (Mallords) world. She will sit there for approximately 23 days. They have been known to make their nest in MUCH higher places. The ducklings should be fine as they are made to be able to handle tough situations. That is good news. I will be moving the hose reel and perhaps place an old towel over the brick edge... just for safe keeping... to hedge their chances. Oh dear, their little free falling entrance into the world. sigh.
I wish I could place a video recorder/ movie camera out there to catch them in action. I do know that ducks are not sleepy heads, they get up very early.
I would say that Beatrix, (the new name for Mrs. Duck) is a good mum!


Bliss said...

How cute is that!
You are so lucky to have that miracle event on your front porch!
Please do get up early and film the free fall for us to see!

(Maybe you can enter your film at the Cannes festival in France, I'll go as a supporter ;)

Stink Bone Jones said...

Too precious! I just love when anytype of wild animal takes up a home near mine. That duck is adorable and it does sound like a good mommy!

My sister-in-law found a duck at her school the other day. She brought it home and it loves people! It has to be near someone, how funny. It followed her right into her classroom. Lucky for her, she has a farm!

Looks like your duck hit the lottery in places to live too!

Draffin Bears said...

Oh how sweet is that.
Beatrix is lucky to have found a safe place to make her little nest.
Look forward to hearing how Mrs Duck and family get on.

Enjoy your weekend

Anonymous said...

That´s wonderful!!!!! The colours fits perfect with the duck!

Merci-Notes said...

Yes, perfect camouflage to keep she and her babies safe :)

Anonymous said...

My goodness, I didn't know ducks would do that! I'd be tempted to slide a big fuzzy towel or something when the time comes for them to leave the nest. They must be tough. How neat to watch!