Friday, May 1, 2009

Springtime Bounty

The rain keeps coming and everything is very soggy. Green, but soggy.
The sun keeps trying to push the clouds aside... keep tying "merry little sunshine" :)

The walk up to our front door is fairly bursting with joy. Welcome :)
Welcome Spring

front walk

There are two types of Ajuga (purple) in this bed, however this variety has won out.
It looks nice against the remaning Candytuft. My Candytuft (white) in Michigan was
an upright variety that formed an oh so nice petit hedge. The type shown is
more of a cascading type of perennial, re-seeding itself beautifully!

That is lamby pie on the front porch. I found her at our nursery a number
of years ago. We have a wonderful nursery with two locations. One of
them is within walking distance, well, walking with a wagon in tow, if you
know what I mean! The other is just on the other side of town, a very nice
drive of say 20-30 minutes, giving one a nice break. Each has wonderful
gardens to stroll while you shop. I will take the camera and get some pictures,
hmmm, maybe this weekend :)

This is a new addition of a few years ago. I had hoped to find another
yellow Elizabeth Magnolia for just the proper resource friendly price.
And there it appeared at our second stop!!! A lovely blessing that we
can share with our neighbors. It is a moderate growing tree.

Here is a nice place to stop and enjoy the company of a friend.
There is a heavenly scented Viburnum directly behind the bench.
It is not quit in full bloom but the aroma wafts in and around the
yard and home~ when the windows are open. Before that is
finished blooming there is a wonderful white Lilac bush that will
burst with flowers just at the end of the bench (left arm of the bench).

Here we are ... trying to feel as if we are in New York's Central Park
with the cherry blossoms adorning the ground. These are pink Magnolia petals.
What do you think Lorraine? :) somewhat hopeful heh?

This is the Elizabeth Magnolia from the back patio. It has a wonderful aroma!!!
This is what the young magnolia in the front yard is shooting for!

AND "Bunny Kins"! This little beaute" is just about 6 inches long.
I looked out the bay window into our back yard yesterday and thought it
was a leaf. No, a sweet baby bunny eating the grass. What good manners
she has not to eat my garden plants. I took some photos inside and then
went outside. Yes,I went way too close. She scurried off. We will have to
walk the yard in search of any bunny nests before mowing occurs.
bunnykins :)

Spring has come and it has felt as if we have a mating and maternity ward
in our yard! Bunnies are leaping and jumping and running everywhere; birds
are chasing oneanother as well and building nests and some have hatched
already! No good photo ops there. We also had a pair of ducks!!! K.C., my
husband, saw a pair of ducks waddling around the back door. When they
disappeared he went in search of them. He saw the male scurry off under
the arbor but no female. THEN, out of the corner of his eye he saw a pair of eyes...
above a beak that was stuffed with brown grasses~ one and all blending into
the HANGING BASKET that she was hanging in !!! Camouflage! But the jig was up
and she sailed off! My husband loves his story of he and the duck hunt!

I do not know how the baby ducks would get down from there if they actually
continued to make a nest there! Hopefully they are off to better home sites!



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

What a beautiful home and garden you have.
I enjoyed my visit around your beautiful garden.
I love your magnolia trees - I have a Port Wine Magnolia and two Little Gems.

Thanks for sharing

Sugar Bear said...

Everything looks so beautiful Mary! I love your home and gardens - so lovely! Then again I would not expect anything less from you :)

Bliss said...

Beautiful house and lawn!
I can't believe what a great photo you got of the bunnykins! And I love lamby pie too...what a happy, happy home you have Mary!

Bliss said...

Yes, it is I ;)