Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Darling Storage

Darling Storage :)

First thing, Beatrice, our mother duck nesting in our hanging basket, is
doing quite well. Incubation is still underway.
While waiting, I am cleaning out my studio. Once the floors were finished
and the shelves up, etc. I just jumped right in to creating things and never
completely organized this petit space. It is in dire need of organization.

The above wooden crates were from this winters supply of Darling
Clementines and regular clementines. Soo delicious! They carried their
precious cargo to our home and now I am going to use them for storage in
my studio. Well, that is AFTER a little sprucing up!
I will be back to show you the final product.


It is going to be 85 degrees here today. Knowing this, I have already
exercised and did a bit of gardening... oh, and the screens are ready to
be put into place for those beautiful breezes!
Hope the sun is shining nicely on you and yours!



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

Glad to hear Mother Duck Beatrice is doing well.

Good luck with organizing your studio and your wooden storage crates are going to be lovely.

Have a great weekend

Bliss said...

Oh I know you have something nice in store with those crates! Clemintines are some juicy good little surprises, aren't they?
Can't wait to see the new duckling!