Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Continues...


Crazy Spring! Well, these tulips went crazy as soon as they went into the vase! This drove K.C. (Hubby) crazy! Yes, really. So I tried to "fix" them and they become more crazy! As if they were dancing.  


The effect grew on me and I now like the look very much. They remind me of those very fancy Dutch Tulips with the Parrot colors.  

These gorgeous White Lilacs came from my garden. Spring

I have 3, THREE, lilac bushes in the yard! I planted them a few years ago and now they are quite profuse in their blooms. This makes it much easier to cut them and share them with my neighbors. I try to think of the shape of the bush as I cut so that I will be left with an attractive bush as opposed to a stump! It is raining so I will try to get a picture of the bushes in bloom soon. :)
Breathe In
Tomorrow I have a very exciting post, well, I think it is!
And Yes, unless I have more computer problems, it will be tomorrow! :)


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