Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Joy

Great Joy

I do believe that my package to a most wonderful and funny, kind and loving, Mom and wife, and friend has arrived. (yes improper sentence) So I can share the contents with you :)

I spoke to how the project formed here.
Have you ever noticed that there are times when working on either a difficult project or a very special project, things "fall" into place. Grace is given. That is what happened with this project. :)

The given was that I wanted to use what I felt may have been a V.I.P. portion of the piece of art that I scooped up from her shop. I thought it may be the birds. So with a found piece of paper lace and a color that reminds me of the Ocean, a foundation was formed and the Love Birds were painted on top, whew.
Now something to define the outline, sheet music, "Good Morning Merry Sunshine". The Tittle was cut out and placed along the edge and then I filled in the area with those bands of music notes ( i am not a musician). WHY would I be going thru all of this detail!? Because the way I described the procedure was exactly how it happened , not nilly willy but not every detail was focused on. So when I looked down at it at this point I see that WITH the birds in an upright position , looking down at the plaque, the music bands of notes formed the letter "C" !!! This was not planned, the doves were upright with the "C"! "C" for Creative Chaos, Karin's site and "C" for her wonderful Cosme! Hey, simple things bring me joy!

Have things like this happened to YOU!? Please do share with us :)

Destined for aloving home :)

I know my photos are not up to par today, so sorry but no retakes are possible. For some great photos or to score your very own piece from Karin, Icing On The Cake Studio, hop over to her blog and etsy shop. Her work is even more wonderful in person!!!

Big Hugs to you, Karin :)



jenny holiday said...

This is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Love love love!!!

GREAT post!! And YES!! Aaron and I LOOOVE when this happens!!! :) We seem to smile for days when things happen for us!!

Karin will just melt I am sure!!



tam said...

Very pretty-lovin it!~Smiles~Tam!

Bliss said...

I love what you did Mary! So very creative and pretty.
I guess God smiled on your project that day! (I know He smiles on all of your projects because they are truly special :)

krissy said...

These are lovely