Friday, January 2, 2009


HOW lucky!!!

It is strange to think that 2008 is gone and the New Year is here! AND, if one wants to think ahead... next year 2010!!! Now that is strange!

But let us not get ahead of ourselves or the moment! In fact, I need to look back a tiny bit! The entire holiday fun was a whirlwind. I would like to share a few things from this season.

The BEAUTIFUL plaque is by Karin! I was able to scoop it up at her beautiful shop. I love it and am very grateful to have it!!! I think it is a wonderful New Year slogan too~ "GREAT JOY"


This present was for ME!!! My son Doug is the creator of the wrapping. Every year we take photos of Doug and Cailtins' present wrapping work, for all gift giving days through out the year. Needles to say that I personally love their work and LOVE it when they have time for a gift made by them... and with their busy lives now, I am grateful for the way they give a gift!

Here is Caitlin's work...

A Present!

Well, the left over! I slid it off before we took the photo! The box was a beautiful brown box from Anthropologie in a cube size. Can you see it there on the tree? The silver tinsel in the shape of a present with a flower bow :)

"bringing good" cheer"

This little deer and tree plaque I made especially for my sister Amy and her husband Jim and their daughter Emma. They are in New York and I do not get to see them very often. This plaque reminds me of them. They love nature also.


The above photo is of something that is very dear to me. Not just because of the birth it reflects, but because my sisters and I have received them from either our babysitter or the wonderful Nuns at out CCD classes. Yes, they have glitter on them! This one Caitlin found for me at a thrift shop. Then she found a LARGE ONE!!! It is about 4-5 inches tall.

So that is a little peek into my happy holidays!
I hope that your new year is brimming with GREAT JOY!



Karin said...

Mary...I'm so glad it's in your home and loved!! Happy New Year!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Happy New Year Mary! I have wonderful ornaments from my CCD teachers as well! What a wonderful creation for your sister and the wrappings are fabulous!