Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kindness, Love ...

This is a petit post on Michael Oher. He is just towards the end of his college career and is in the top contenders for the NFL draft. WHat??? You ask. Football? I know. I will confess that I do not ever "choose" to watch football, nor any other sport now. But given my loved ones that do like to watch various or all sports, hahaha, I may tune in a bit, crocheting could come in handy here :) Back to the real story here: Michael Oher's life story thus far reached me just this past Friday, the day before the NFL draft for 2009. What a life he has already lived in his young age! Just watch this video! Oh, and grab a new box of Kleenex, since you may have used up your previous box on Susan Boyle's moving audition!

I think that for me, knowing more about the players may be key to becoming a sport fan. Oh, and having watched my son play.
How about you? Are you a sports fan? Prefer to watch your children play?...


Michael Oher

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