Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello Friends!
I have emerged from my embroidery hoop!  I was not able to join another
embroidery group at Amy's this time.  I was helping my daughter, Caitlin,
with some special order projects and really enjoyed the proccess.  I had to
tackle a problem and I met the challenge finding everyone very happy with
the end product!   It does feel wonderful!

My Lilacs were in bloom during this time leaving my home filled with their
wonderful scent!  Guiltily, I kept all bouquets for myself this time.... a cold
front and the embroidery projects left me no time  to drop off some of the
sweet aromatic florals for neighbors.

NOW I am focusing on a project I have been 
dreaming of for a loooong time!  
I am so very excited!!!

Can you believe this apparatus!?  It is a drill press that my hubby put together
and now I am using it on a portion of my project.  What is that?  YES I said ~
"...I am using it ...."  My Son, Doug, helped set it up and gave me invaluable pointers.
I have not used a drill press since... mmmm... 7th grade shop class.

The various designs for this project are swimming around furiously in my mind!
Really, this has been in my head for several years!!!
I have a couple of other things I am thrilled to work on also.

I do hope that this day finds you well.
Thank You for stopping by lovely Friends!

With Kindness and Love,


KarenB said...

What, no hints? No details? No peeks? Gosh! I'm anxious to see what you're up to. I've NEVER tried power tools. Sad, I know.

Sugar Bear said...

You go girl! Rock those power tools!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

I love your pretty lilacs, and they must be beautiful in your home.
Looking forward to seeing what you are up to! ~ looks like you are going to have fun.

Have a lovely weekend

suzitee said...

Hi Mary!
I popped over to see if you were doing Amy's Count Your Blessings, and have found power tools! it! Can't wait to see what your new project intriguing.
I'm not doing the new project either...have too many other things on the go, that got neglected while I was doing 39 squares :)
Will be back to check in with this new project of yours xxx

Lulu said...

Hi Mary,

What lovely lilacs. I can imagine their lovely scent! Also that drill press looks like way too much fun!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and all the kind words. I got the nickname LuLu from my Mom. It is after the cartoon Little LuLu...because just like her I have a tendency to get myself into sticky situations. :-)

Take Care,