Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One of my new projects was a result of an early morning feeding ~
our cat wakes me up with the birdies ... or earlier! ~  So during one
of the early morning sleep walks downstairs to "kitty food central"
the lid slipped out of my  hand, fell, and shattered into many pieces.
All the  while flying into several rooms!   sigh.
Clean up in aisles 3,4 and 5 please.

So I solved two issues with one... a new painted project for a show and
a new kitty kibble jar for Hobbes.  {I voted NO GLASS LIDS}
I also
voted on a nice seal to keep the food fresh...easy open!
For Your Home!

I love gingham and of course you guessed it, I love aqua!  So I took some paint
I had ordered up for another project,and made my  own custom shade and painted
a gingham pattern. I love it!  It makes me smile every time I use it... which
believe me is way too often for  Hobbes!
Hmm, I think Hobbes would like a picnic at the shore... fish :0
I think he actually prefers chicken!
By The Sea

The beautiful knob I found at Anthropologie a bit ago. I love this knob!
A friend has a similar one that is all white and it is amazingly beautiful!!!
The little aqua one works fine here.

Now who is ready for a trip to the beach!?  



Blissitydoodah said...

What a lucky kitty! You got your stripes so nice ...did you tape them off?
Great that you had that handle! It made a nice project, Mary :)
And YES to the picnic at the beach...

jediflame said...

Oh, how beautiful! I need to do something pretty with my cat food instead of just serving it to them straight out of the bag.

I love the knob you picked! I actually used the same style when I redid a dresser to use as sewing storage- http://scrappyjedi.blogspot.com/2010/01/before-and-after-my-sewing-storage.html

KarenB said...

It's adorable! So what beach? Indiana? :-) I didn't realize that I'd visited you ages ago when I saw that you were in Aurora and I had just moved from Batavia. Am I right? I'm still in Southern California. Pennsylvania? Hmmmm. . . I couldn't reply to your e-mail because you have it set as no-reply. :-( So, I'm messing up your comments. Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

Natasha Burns said...

oh wow that is so adorable Mary! Love how you painted the gingham design, it looks so perfect! The knob is simply divine... :)

Sugar Bear said...

That is great Mary! I thought you bought it as is until I read your post - you have such a steady hand! I can't paint a straight line to save my life. My hand starts shaking!

Penny said...

My kitty like to wake me up early, as well, so I sympathize with you.
The New container is so cute, love the gingham look and the nob is great. I like aqua as well.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

I am always up for a trip to the beach, thank you.
Love your new canister and how very clever painting the gingham pattern on the lid.
You are very talented.

Have a lovely week

age3082 said...

Very Beautiful ... Love your etsy shop !!

Amy Sutter said...

This little beauty will look perfect in my new lake house! Love your choice of color - your hand is so steady - it looks perfect!! And YES I am sooo ready for the beach, it's about 40 degrees here, lol!
much love