Monday, May 10, 2010

What happened on Mothers DAY!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Mothers Day with Your Mom and with your children.
I cannot think of a better gift than a hug and an "I Love You". 

I had a very nice Mothers Day.  My Daughter could not make it.  *** I must say that both of my kids have spent every Birthday and Mothers Day with me.  I am very blessed to have such wonderful children! (now young adults).  They think of me not just on special days but throughout the year.

My husband, K.c. and Son, Doug and I  went to mass early, and then to breakfast at a favorite place that we have not been to in a number of years!  I like the scrambled eggs  and dry wheat toast :)  It is tempting to get the fancy blueberry pancakes but they are too rich for me.  It was so lovely to sit and talk without worry of schedules.  This was the best gift of all.  The card my son gave to me with his special message in it was WONDERFUL!   We went into Naperville and had a Hot cocoa and coffees as we strolled around in the sun a bit.  Naperville is a pretty town with a river running through it... a park and walkway with  MANY activities in it runs the length of town.. and that is quite a distance.  One of it's features is a wonderful swimming hole.  Formerly a rock quarry, now a "real swimming pool' of extreme size... zero depth ending with sand.  Such a wonderful family place. 

SO, back at home later in the day... I look out my kitchen window and see a bunny busily digging in our back yard.  And I know what that means!
She was getting herself ready for her OWN Mothers Day!!!

She dug and dug for quite some time.   I came back later to see she had moved on to the next portion of construction... feathering her nest!  More like laying down layers of fresh green grass.
When I woke this morning I found this ~

Home Sweet Home

Can you see the medium brown area in the grass? to the right?
Home with view of Garden

Mother Bunnies make their own home I guess. They also are not "on" nor "in" the nest with the babies. They do not want to draw attention to the nest so they spend there time nearby watching. Early in the morning and in the evening they will place themselves over the nest and the babies will raise up to get milk from their mother. They sit their for about 5 minutes. Their milk is very rich. I did not know what the babies ate prior to researching this last night.

The Bunny Home

I have a wonderful link you can share with your children that follows a family that has domestic bunnies ... 2 litters at the same time... wonderful photos and facts!

Links ~
Baby Bunnies

It was a great mothers Day all over our home yesterday!
I wish all of you a blessed year!



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

Glad that you had a lovely Mothers day, such a special time when you can relax and have breakfast out.
How sweet having the little bunny family, living on your lawn.

Have a happy week

The Rose Room said...

What a lovely mothers day and to have a mummy bunny nesting is just lovely! Rachaelxo

Alison Gibbs said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mothers Day
Can't wait to see what you are creating using that drill in the post below
Come visit my blog and enter my giveaway

Anonymous said...

Love bunnies! You Mother's day does sound very nice. That's quite a setup with your drill! Curious what you will do with it!

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