Friday, April 2, 2010

I have been busily stitching away while tending to home and family this week.  I am also helping out a few friends :)
So let's play catch-up today!

The next in the series for Amy's  "I'm Stitching Along" group ~ 39 Stitches is a very special one which is actually second in a series of, mmmm six squares.  A puzzle if you will :)
the ending??  #26

The next square is actually two for one. We all like a deal and this one is a pretty one. I love how the curtains in our home blow in the breezes that come in the open windows. I also love a big window ledge so that plants and things (pies?? hehehehe) can be placed on it. In this case no pie, but a pretty plant like I used to put on Caitlin's bedroom window sill when she moved out of the nursery to her big room.
#27 & 28
#27 & 28!

As I stated earlier in this wonderful stitch along, I love hearts. This one is very similar to a logo I have used for quite some time when I paint pieces for others.
Oh, minus the "LOVE".

Somewhat self explanatory.  "H" for our last name.

Have I told you in the last week how much I love Shabby Chic?? ok, ok. So another O'de to Rachel Ashwell :)
This photo shows one side of the iconic Shabby Chic Tags AND rumpled vintage "corsage" with "Simply Shabby Chic fabric:

And then my attempt to write at least as small as a June bug:

Next we have a square doubled up with love. My mom had a wonderful pin cushion with two beautiful strawberries. Then, Caitlin loved strawberries while growing up. OH, I guess a third, a favorite fabric since I was a little girl. velvet! :)

Now we are caught up to today. For my family, an important Friday. Something that I appreciate much more as I grow older.
#33 The Lamb

Now we are caught up and will see you tomorrow! Yes REALLY!!! :)

Thank you for visiting with me. I do so appreciate it and Welcome all new Friends!
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She'sSewPretty said...

Mary! I love your squares. I want to make one when I have time. You should definitely try that pattern on my blog. It was so easy. I haven't sewed a dress in years and it went together very fast.
Have a wonderful Easter!

Blissitydoodah said...


Happy Easter Mary!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

Love all the squares you have worked and the stories to go with them.
I especially love the lace curtain blowing in the breeze and the lamb.


suzitee said...

OH how I love your little lamb! I think I may have commented over at flickr, but in case I didn't.....I adore your lamb!!!