Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chocolates and Bikes! yum!

Today I want to take a moment to share a recent client my son did work for.  Doug is making his way in the world of photography and was presented with the job of shooting Easter candies for a wonderful candy shop.  You see, YOU, no matter where you are can be placing their cute chocolate bunnies or nests into your Easter baskets.  The chocolate shop is called Anna She.  Anna is a REAL person trained in art and European candy making.  On the opening page you can see my sons work in photography and again with all of the Easter Collection confections!  Photographing food is one of the toughest things to photograph.  At culinary schools they even offer classes/degrees in this.
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"My Bike".  How many times did you say this while growing up?  For me, this phrase was part of my  daily language.  I had only two bikes, growing up. My first was a used bike, nice soft tires and the perfect size.
My second was a new, beautiful blue, Sears and Roebuck Bike that appeared along with three identical blue bikes in our living room on a Christmas morning.  My sister Kelly awoke early that morning, PEEKED out into the living room (more like put her entire body in the room!) and immediately came back into our bedroom and began to excitedly tell me what Santa had brought to us all!  ooaaahahh  I moaned and put my head under my pillow so as not to hear anymore details.  Oh, I was thrilled, but would have been more thrilled to actually find out for my self when we could get up.   Later, while riding those same bikes I found out just how much I loved that sister of mine.  It was now summer, a new big home and we were to ride down  to the shops ~ a 4minute trip easy.  We had barely left our house  when I suddenly saw my sister  fall head first over her handle bars. It seemed like slow motion.  She landed in a tangled heap, I do not remember what hit the ground first, maybe hands then head???  I was so very worried about her.  I probably even threw my bike down to the street to get over to her. (we always put down our kick stands to support the bike upright.  Amazingly and Thankfully Kelly suffered no wounds!

Sometimes we take someone for granted; they annoy us or are our opposite in some traits, they  99% of the time win at the game of Fish...  I am so thankful for that early opportunity for me to fully realize just how much I loved Kelly and each and every sibling of mine ... even more today.

Today, I still have a blue bike, a gift from my K.C. our first year of marriage. It even has a nice wicker basket on it!

#25 "My Bike"

Anna Shea Chocolates
"I'm Stitching"



Merci-Notes said...

*note, i fixed the back tire of the bike... needed a bit of air in it I guess! hehehe

Hugs and have a great day,

Blissitydoodah said...

Oh lordy that bike is my favorite so far! And the story! Your writing today is excellent :)
I can't wait to delve into these links :) Did you say Chocolate???

Jill said...

Ahhhhhhhh! I looooooove it!!! OMGosh that is the cutest! I love the wicker basket with the flowers-- and is that a baguette I see?! OMGosh! I love it! My favorite so far! I think I'm hyperventilating.

Sugar Bear said...

Oh your son's photos are wonderful! Makes me want to dive right in to that bunny!

Merci-Notes said...

YUM is right! They not only look good but they taste amazing! Great for gifts!!!

OH! Thank you ~ I am so glad that you like my bike :)

suzitee said...

Your bike is DIVINE!!!!! Oh so perfect...right down to the wicker basket. WELL DONE!!!!!