Thursday, March 18, 2010

You may have noticed that I seem to have a petit history behind each of my squares.... I do not know why but that is how it has come forth and I do love it, if I may say so.  It is definitely sentimental for me.  Perhaps because Amy has started her "Stitch A Long" as a celebration to her birthday.  What a wonderful plan :)

#17  This one is called Pups... you know WHO you are :)

#18  Homage to my yellow raincoat {eventually worn by almost all of my sisters:) } and my white rain boots.  Splashing in puddles!   I think the BIG reason why this came to my mind was because of a square that Amy did.  It is a little girl in a red dress with cute black shoes!  You need to go and see it!
Oh merci,  oh merci tellement!!!
oh thank you, oh thank you all so very much for all of your sweet comments here and on my flickr page.  It does mean a lot to me :)

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Julie Ann said...

*giggle* I had to look up what tellement meant :) J'ai quatre ans du Francais, mais il y a plus de dix ans!! :) I love your new squares! Your puppy with its tongue out is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

how fab I can just imagine splashing in the rain

Jill said...

Love your squares! I'm planning to dedicate a square to my Hagrid-- still working out the details. I love how your pup turned out-- especially his tongue!
PS: Thanks so much for stopping by my blog-- we like a lot of the same things, don't we?!

Lisa Leggett said...

Hi Mary~
Your squares are just adorable! I think the tiny tulle wreath is my favorite! It caught my eye immediately in the flickr pool, gorgeous I tell you!

I've really been enjoying this project and everyone is so friendly and encouraging of each other, it's terrific!

Have a great night!

Maija said...

Absolutely wonderful stitching and background inspiration!!!