Friday, March 19, 2010

Growing up with a big brother and four younger sisters was wonderful.   One thing that my parents did with us was to take us camping.  NOT in the middle of the woods but on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.  Water, waves, sun, sand, Dunes and at the beginning of the little walkway out to the lake from the camp parking lot, a little store.  By sweeping this walkway from the petit store to the opening where the walk opened down to the beach I could earn my own money for a fudgesicle. There was a coke~ a~ cola machine but I was more interested in frozen chocolate.  Oh, and being noticed by the older boys!   There were also trees on top of the dunes on each side of the walk and our camping area.  Trees with VINES (Tarzan like vines) hanging down!  Once, my brother and his friends decided to grab on to a vine and went sailing out just over head of our tent,  softly landing on the sand.  Of course there was heard the mandatory Tarzan yell (we all liked to watch the old Tarzan movies).
Our tent was much larger than the petit one in my 1"x1" square.  but you get the idea of what fun camping can be for kids... now mom's... they do sacrifice for their children in this:)

#19  Camping :)

Caitlin sent me a link to an interesting vacation site... look what YOU could "camp out" in! 
Remind you of anything????  hehehehe



Pamela Jane said...

Hi Mary, love the little stories behind your stitched squares. I'm still slowly catching up, but thought you'd want a quicker answer about the floss used in my shaded flower. I used 3 different floss colors, each 6 strands, two left dangling while I stitched with the other. Not sure this is advisable, but I was experimenting. :)

Sally Annie Magundy said...

I just happened across the 39 square stitch along project yesterday and was enchanted by it - your darling doggie was one of the first my eye landed upon. So charming!
Happy weekend to you!

Karin said...

Oh Mary...You've brought back so many good memories for me spending time at the lake in the summer in Michigan..... I'm LOVING your stitches. I think the yellow raincoat one is my favorite!!

suzitee said...

I LOVE your little tent sweet :)
I, too, am finding that stitching these squares is bringing back all sorts of wonderful memories for me. It is making this project so enjoyable,and I will have such a meaningful project in the end, as you will. Can't wait to see your next blocks :)
Happy stitching xxx

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

Loved your story of camping and your little tent square.
Sounds a lot like my childhood, the family used to enjoy holidays camping too.

Happy weekend

Alison Gibbs said...

Sweet story to match a gorgeous little stitched tent