Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 1
I have joined in the fun at Amy's in her Birthday ~ 39 Square ~I'm Stitching Along.  You will see her cute icon on my side bar. I made sure that I first had all of my supplies (very cost friendly)
AND actually had some squares complete before I officially signed up... soo many great things to join!
Day 2
I did start off after the "official start",  but she welcomes us all in and it is a great idea she has!
They are 1" squares, counting down 39 days to her Birthday.   You should see her squares of embroidery!  LOVE*love* LOVE them!  Check out the little girl in the red shoes and dress that Amy did! 
It is day 13 and I have finished 7 days in about 3 days.  I really want to catch up with everyone :0

The above square  is Day two~ for my Dad :)
He had a son and then FIVE Daughters.  I had a daughter first, Caitlin, and then a son,  Douglas. My Dad had just two years with his first Grandson. My son did not get much time with his Grandpa nor his Uncle Matt who still is in New York. However!!! My son has sooo many similarities of my Dad and my Brother.   Not just features and build, but also mannerisms!!!!  My dad would be very proud of Douglas and Caitlin :)
Day 3~
Day 3
A simulated crocheted square.  My new love is to crochet, oh, and now embroider!

Day 4~
Day 4
This is like the arbor that my Guy built for us from our side yard to the patio.

Day 5~
Day 5
The wagon that our Grandpa Made for us :)
The wooden sides  could came in and out...
6 sections all together.

Day 6~
Day 6
Lake Michigan where my Dad and Mom took us every summer ~love~

Day 7~
Day 7
I love hearts!

Day one is the photo at the top... I love the sun coming up and the start of the new day!
So there you have it! Just 6 more to catch up! It is still raining here.. just a drizzle, so I will work some on it today. You don't have to twist my arm!



Kathy said...

Your squares are very cute. I especially like your sweet arbor and heart. This stitchalong is a lot of fun.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

What very sweet work you are doing and such a great idea.
I love the heart with the roses and the arbor and wagon.

Happy weekend

C'est Magnifique said...

Very cute Mary, I'm glad you joined us!