Monday, July 27, 2009



*First I must apologize~ I will have to have our Blog Celebration Week #2,
NEXT Monday, August 3, 2009... My camera is being borrowed so I
am behind in my photos.

I hope that this finished project will appease you :) It sure pleases me :)
Remember how the dresser started out?
The wood was very dried out and gouges were plugged with some strange
compound. Now, quite a difference. I love the color. The PERFECT shade
of white AND chosen in record time!!!

How do you like the handles? The glass pulls are new, from Lowe's, and
the pretty turquoise/aqua knobs are from Anthropologie.

P7180014/aqua knobs

IF these knobs came in a white version, I would be all over it!!! My Friend
Meg used some beauties from Anthro for her buffet that were all white and
I loved it all! SOO fabulous and "chic".


Ok... I was so excited to use some of my pretty papers that when I went
visiting over to the beautiful Posy site and saw this, I thought that she
too was going to use scrap book papers! A sister in "creative crime" I
thought. It was not until I started actually cutting and pasting my papers
that I realized that by the word "papers" she meant "wall paper". I do
highly recommend wallpaper as it is MUCH easier in that it covers all
of a surface or as little as you want it too. sooo... I improvised. I was going
to use several papers per drawer anyway as I did here.

I am going to have to post again tomorrow with the rest of the pretty insides.

Thank You for stopping by :)



Lorrie said...

A very pretty makeover. Pretty papers inside are the finishing touch!


Susiebelle said...

Mary! It is beautiful~ I love the knobs. I am doing the inside of a cabinet with scrap book paper, but I am using modge podge. It is working ok so far. What did you use for adhesive? And your plates look great too.


tales from an oc cottage said...

Just gorgeous!!!!

m ^..^

Removalists Melbourne said...

Oh I love your drawer. You painted it white? That’s very nice. I remember the first time you posted a blog about this drawer, it was unpainted wood color. It’s like nude. But now it so beautiful you did a great job.

manila Property said...

Well done. I love what you did to this vintage drawer. It looked brand new.

Sugar Bear said...

Oh Mary I absolutely adore it! The color, the new hardware (what perfect choices!), the paper inside. All so fabulous girl! You knocked this one out of the park for sure (then again you always do!).

Merci-Notes said...

Thank you very much girls!
Thank you for stopping by :)

*for Jane~ I used Mod Podge but I decided not to use it over the top of the papers, just underside and on the dresser parts. There are places that become contentious and thus mod podge ruled... that is ok.

Hugs to you Girls!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

I love the makeover of your dresser.
You must be really happy with the outcome.


Susiebelle said...

Thanks for the reply Mary...I have a non-curvy dresser and you my dear have inspired me!

Merci-Notes said...

Say, sounds like you will have a lot of fun"Susiebelle" :) finishing your very own dresser!!! Have fun and just let me know if you have any questions :)


creative breathing said...

Mary, What an inspiration you are! I must find a dresser now that I can transform with paper! Truly you are a creative decorating genius. As creative as I am, I am a total decorating dud! I will come here with my questions for sure! As for crochet questions, I would suggest asking Laura of Lalle's Cottage or Twyla of Two Crazy Crafters. Both master crocheter's. Me, I know the Granny Square pattern from high school only! So funny, I had you fooled! Elizabeth

Merci-Notes said...

Oh, thank you for the crocheting tip Elizabeth!
Show us your dresser when you are done!!! :)