Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lovely: Part II

*First I must apologize~ I will have to have our Blog Celebration Week #2,
NEXT Monday, August 3, 2009... My camera is being borrowed so I
am behind in my photos.

Today I will finish showing you the "guts" to my lovely dresser. (it is summer and "guts" and "lovely" remind me of summer...as a child)

This is the top drawer.~ Yes I made decisions about which drawer of the two will have which papers... kind of weird but it is a nice finishing thought.
The paper in the middle was one of my favorites and I did stock pile a number of sheets of it. But in the end I decided to use it only in the center of this drawer, as opposed to the entire drawer. The sides, front and back are all different papers.



I used Mod Podge for my adhesive. At one point I ran out of glue and could not get out for more... papers wrong size... I got a bit cranky once or twice.

Here is the second of the two drawers:


I heart this paper by Amy Butler. Not my usual soft worn colors but it works in this petit dresser.
Ok.. remember I told you that I got a bit cranky at times during this LOOOOng project. Here is evidence of one of those times. The dresser is curvy, VERY CURVY. I made a pattern to cut out the paper with but it did not work out for some reason. Now I was faced with only one extra sheet of Amy's beautiful bluish patterned paper. My paper shop was out of it and would not be restocking it! horror. I ended up adding the nice blue grey polka dot paper {which they are not carrying anymore either :(, I bought the last four sheets it turns out} on the edges and brought the front paper down a bit on the bottom of the dresser to compensate for any peeks. ugh. Not my best work but it is for me, not a client or friend.


Here they are, two lovely drawers:


NOW for the part of the dresser that inspired the papering project in the first place, the cabinet portion of the dresser!

Right Side:


Here is another cranky moment. The Paper that I just loved, with all of my favorite colors in, had that annoying antiquing around the edges of it. It was annoying in this project for it made it very difficult to match-up each paper without wasting. I do not like to waste... now I happen to know that my hubby will not be reading this for he would not agree. I do throw out food/leftovers after four days and my favorite bread if it has any mold... the whole loaf... Ok, am I getting cranky again?

I did not get an individual shot of the right side so here are the two sides together.


The middle wall of this side has a soft green polka dot paper.
OH!!! Did I mention that the SIDES OF THIS DRESSER ARE CURVY ALSO! Yep! Making another challenge for me and my antiqued edged paper. *Another note: my husband offered to cut out a new bottom for the cabinet portion of the dresser. I unwisely declined. If I had accepted I could have papered the bottom while it was still out of the cabinet... well in my perfect world. Any way the hubby had better and more important things to do, and it was better that I was cranky on my own.


So this is One of the challenges I have been busy on this summer.

I do love this lovely petit dresser. It fits perfectly on this little wall in our kitchen... but it is supposed to go back into the living room... wonder where it will end up?


*I should note here that by filling the insides of the dresser with pretty papers I was able to get rid of that DRY old smell.

Maybe I should re-name this post~ "Lovely Crankiness" ?? hehehe



Sugar Bear said...

I heart your dresser! It is so lovely and you obviously took such care (even if you were cranky!) in the papering. I don't know if I would have that kind of patience!

icandy... said...

What a beautifully transformed dresser!!! That is just too gorgeous!

It makes me want to paint my entire household... I have been known to occasionally play in spray paint! *HEHEHE* :)

Christina :)

Inspired Tokens said...

A magical transformation! I love what you've done and I love what you've done with the drawers! I never thought of using ModgePodge for putting paper in dresser drawers.
I'm on my way to get paper and some ModgePodge so I can do a few drawers of my own. Wonderful inspiration!

Katie said...

This is just the prettiest dresser - inside and out. love love love the papers. I would never have the patience to paper curved drawers. Nosiree! You are an inspiration!

Merci-Notes said...

I am very happy that you all like it and are inspired :)


The Elegant Thrifter said...

Beautiful! I adore your dresser. Isn't it amazing how a coat of fresh paint rejuvenates a piece of furniture. And then the surprise of the gorgeous paper inside. Wow!


Dede Warren said...

Oh Mary,

I am completely inspired! I have long wanted to do the sam to my dressers, and now seeing this, I know it will be worth the work. This looks FaBuLous!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Your new dresser is beautiful Mary and love the pretty paper drawer liners.


tales from an oc cottage said...

Simply gorgeous!

m ^..^

Shanae said...

It's beautiful! An amazing transformation.

Angela said...

SOOOOOO adorable! Inside and out. What a TON of work inside! But well worth it. I'll bet you SMILE every time you open it. :)

Saoirse said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Merci-Notes said...

Thank you Sara and Welcome!

With Kindness,

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