Monday, August 11, 2008

The Happy Dance... almost

For Meg's Mom :)

I have been working on this project for a favorite client and friend.  Actually, it is for her Mom :)  This came to me as a darker wooden wall cabinet with two shelves.  A very lovely piece on it's own.  However updating was desired and a plan was worked out.  When the paint brushes settled... one is surprised, happily pleased! :)  Meg and I both love it and would like one also! :)  She believes her Mom will love it also!  After meeting her Mom last year it was a real honor to be asked on board for this project.

Right from the start I was excited to place a pastoral scene on the top placket of this piece!  In the past I have placed some scenes on tables or painted tassels.  Of course I was inpired by Mckenzie/Childs.  

Seeing gold...dots
I like how the combinations of patterns came out.
Faux marbleThis is my favorite  green marble color way.  It is very soft, slightly subtle.
another side The other cabinet side.
side view

I do like these drawers :)
I LOVE how the drawer fronts turned out! This was another element that I knew I just had to include! I first saw this techniqe IN PERSON! How lucky for me!!! We were in Carmel, California and found a shop that was totally dedicated to the artist team (Mckenzie/Childs... also known as Victoria and Richard). Victoria and Richard, I was told, actually came out and designed and worked on the shops interiors! The design of these drawer fronts were inspired from that shop.

I love how the INSDE of the drawers turned out!  I used papers from the store!

Why choose just one?
Each drawer is different, including every single surface within the drawer!!! :)
Like a candy store! 

I did use two different paper patterns with one of the papers having a pattern on the reverse side also!Pastoral View
I am very happy with the end result of this project! It will also be my last project with Meg, at least for sometime. She and her family are moving, a large loss for me and a GIANT gain for her new neighbors!!! I miss you already Meg!
When my litle family moved from Michigan in the early 90's all of our neighbors came out to stand on the sidewalks waving goodbye as we drove off! It was very overwhelming and sad. They were such a very special group of neighbors. I am very sad.



Renee said...

Hi Mary!It's Renee,thanks for your comment,I tried posting a comment but my home computer won't load up the pages (dial up) so I'm at the library after a long day of school & now my oldest 2 have their summer reading program party so I am pooped! :) Anyways,I couldn't find your email address...maybe it's on your blog,but I am too tired to look for it right now.I'm really loving college & I'm going to school to be a teacher so that I can be home with my kids during the summer.They have never been with a babysitter in their life & just b/c they are older,I still want to make sure I'm always there for them.The way the housing market is going, I may have to get a job teaching before my husband can come back so that at least one person has a job here.Anyways,would love to chat some more,so please email me at so I don't write a novel here. ;) Renee

Kathy with a K said...

I love the drawers! Love surprises like that!

karin@creativechaos said...

LOVE it Mary......and those drawers are to die for. They will have to leave the drawers open just to show them off!

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

Oh my gosh, I knew you had talent... but girl you got lots more than I knew :-) I have tried free hand painting on wood before and well, lets say I wouldn't be putting the pictures of it on my blog...LOL!!!!
I love everybit of the shelf! And I also adore your inspiration, we used to have a store in our mall but they closed shortly after they opened. My favorite was the handpainted stemware. (they had a ceramic bottom and a glass top) You should think about doing those!!!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful art work.
big hugs,

Rosemary said...

Hi Mary,
The second I saw it I thought of Mckenzie Childs.
You did a wonderful job. It's great!!.
How sad to say goodbye to people.
Have a nice evening,

Rosemary said...

Hi Mary,
The second I saw it I thought of Mckenzie Childs.
You did a wonderful job. It's great!!.
How sad to say goodbye to people.
Have a nice evening,

dede warren said...

Mary, beautiful work as always! Your talent is staggering.

She'sSewPretty said...

Mary, you did a wonderful job! I love Mckenzie-Child's furniture. They make some marvelous pieces. Do you remember the name of the shop in Carmel? If I ever get back over there I'd love to see it. Hey...I think they should hire you! LOL

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

MARY!! That is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen! The detail you put into it, just stunning! You are so talented! What a beautiful gift!


Kathleen Grace said...

Oh my gosh, I love, love, love this! I adore McKenzie-Childs furniture and dishes and this is such a great interpretation of that style. Now you have me thinking about things I can paint like that:>)

Pinkie Denise said...

Wow, Mary
That in a beautiful creation! I love it and how you combined so many different technics just incredible talented you are. Thanks for sharing

Merci-Notes said...

oh, you are all so kind and sweet!
thank you!

Sugar Bear said...

Oh my gosh Mary! I'm positively drooling over this piece! Your attention to detail is amazing. The drawer fronts - wowzer! The insides - love! The marble is amazing too.

Shelia said...

Hi Mary! Oh, this project is so precious! You are truly talented and I would like one, too!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Meg said...

The pictures are lovely but simply cannot do it justice, Mary. Tomorrow is the big 'reveal', and won't my mom be delighted! The love and care you put into this piece as well as all of your others makes them so very special.

It's the last project for now, but not for long, Mary! Thank you for bringing such joy into our lives with your beautiful gift.


Jen said...

Holy Moly!!! That is amazing. You are one talented lady! I love Mckenzie Childs, but yours is even better because it is personal. You did a fab job!

lulusparkles said...

so gorgeous! what a talented gal you are

Preppy Rider said...

this turned out just beautiful. I have always admired the work you have done for Meg and wished you lived closer to me... she was so lucky to have you near by. Your talent is amazing and all the pieces in her home are gorgeous. Please let us know if you ever decide to open a store!

Merci-Notes said...

Preppy Rider!
A shop of for my daughter and I would be great fun!
Maybe I will get in some new boutiques?
Thank You!!!

Cheryl said...

Mary! That turned out beautifully and you didn't just stop with the gorgeous painting, either! I love love love the inside of the drawers. What a wonderful touch. What DON'T you do well??? :)

Kim said...

You do truly beautiful work Mary. I am sure she will be incredibly happy and grateful to get this!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

WOWOWOEEEEE!!!! Mary! I knew you were good :)
Thanks for showing us your drawers LOL :)

Kim said...

Oh yes Mary, I love Loreena... there are several groups and artists to whom I listen for just that sort of feeling... but then I have to open my eyes! Drat.

Bristol said...

Oh Mary that is such a beautiful piece. I love the detail in the drawers. We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom and there is cabinet I want to paint. You have given me some inspiration.

Heather said...

Wow Mary,
I knew you were talented but this knocks my socks off. What patience and talent!! I am sure that Meg's mother is going to LOVE this piece. I am in awe.. lovely!! said...