Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vintage Storage?

I have finished the "Vintage Storage" crates!
Remember them in their "Avant" stage.
Here is the half way point~ waiting for them to dry.
Oh, yes, they are stacked four crates high in this photo.
P5190073 P5190075

There are several views of the sides... each side is
different, of course.
I like the aged look of the application.
P5190074 P5190077

And here they are a bit embellished and in place in my petit studio.
The Fun of Reusing

I wrapped some bits of tulle' around the wooden posts of the crates.
I wanted to keep them fairly free of adornment.

Bits of tags for quick identification of the crate contents.
Wallpaper Fun

Final view, a bit blurry. The insides were kept clean... easy viewing of contents.
Vintage/New Storage

I have loved the crates in Anthropologie stores for years. Now I finally have my own!
If you want to make them I am happy to help where ever I can :)


Bliss said...

Mary! Everybody needs to see this!!! You should go out and drum up some comments! I love this wonderful stack up and the tags make it so special :)
I'll send a few over if I can. (Somerset bound???)

Donna Layton said...

These are wonderful!
Yes, I want to make to find crates!