Friday, May 29, 2009

Maternity Ward

On Thursday morning we found this laying on our duckling safety set-up:
And this!
click on photos to see better.
Do you like our set up we made for them?? hehehe. I was still worried
that the babies may hurt themselves when it came time for jumping, so
we put out an old card table,covered it with a big tarp and stuck cushions
I was throwing out in between the tarp layers.... GOOD THING!
BECAUSE, later in the day we came and checked on her again . NOW there
were at least three ducklings and they all scurried off behind her before I
could get my camera in place... no paparazzi photos for me.

BUT then SUDDENLY, THIS happened! Shrieks and QUACKS!!! Oh MY!!!


This one just suddenly PLOPPED right down! I thought a moment, then
looking at Beatrice, a.k.a. mama duck, I went softly forward to get the duckling.
Mama would have nothing of the kind, she hissed at me, glaring with beady eyes.
Now K.c. had already had a fly over experience with her two days before! He
was trying to take photos of her and the nest UP CLOSE, as in over the top of
her! She flew out shaking up that paparazzi!
Oh! Back to the the problem at hand: I calmly stood there waiting. Mama
duck and baby started to "talk" to each other. I am sure Mama was saying, "Now
you get back up her this instant!" Baby duck was going the wrong way, she
wanted to slide down the "fun slide" I guess. So she did! Now she was on
ground level. This was not working so I swiftly went down and scooped up
this feathery delight and promptly placed her back with her mum! All was
good again.
Can you see the baby ducks in the above photo? *click on the photo*
There at least three ducklings. The ducklings need food and water so within 24 hours they take their leap of faith and leave the nest, following their beloved mum, Beatrice in this case.
This a.m. I went out to check on them and they indeed had left the nest. It is not too long of a "waddle" down to the lake and creek. hehehe

So ends The Story of Beatrice and Her Very Cool Nest!



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

I enjoyed reading about Beatrice and her ducklings ~ so sweet.

Also I love what you did to the Vintage storage crates.

Enjoy your weekend

Bliss said...

Awww wow! You got to hold a baby!

And now can you see them in your pond?

Valarie said...

I just "stumbled" across your blog, and I love it!! I am browsing your older posts, and your pink Christmas villages have sent me over the edge!! Lovely!! Have a wonderful day. Valarie

andyann said...

Mary, you are an angel for caring about baby ducklings. I am so glad there are people like you in the world. What a treat to share the babies' journey---and how nice for you to live so close to water.
I will share that I have observed traffic here on a very busy road come to a complete stop as a mother duck and her ducklings crossed the road. Amazing and so wonderful.

Natasha Burns said...

oh how precious! I love how the mother made her nest in your hanging basket! how sweet you got to experience the whole thing too :)

Katie said...

Love Beatrice and her wee ones! I didn't know that the ducklings would have to leave the nest, with mom, within 24 hours. And so amazing to have a penthouse nest -- never imagined a duck would nest so high!

Thanks for this. Best story of the morning.

Vickie said...

How neat! One year we had baby ducks near by. They were so fun to watch. Beatrice is lucky that you were her landlord.