Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Yard

I know, more photos of the flower beds. I was hoping to put in a proper vegetable garden this year (I would have to sneak it in for it is against the rules. Really! Suburbia and a big neighborhood... equals rules. Some have put them in places were the swing set used to be. SOME have called sheds "play houses"... they surely look lovely :) I wish I had one too:) and house my studio in it:) a bit chilly/freezing in the winter!
Back to my yard...


I do not know what this is called~ It has been here for many years now and I never made a garden journal. The leaves are like Columbine and the long stems of flower will be done soon... leaving just the nice dark blue green foliage.
*massive amounts of peony buds in background :) soo happy about that :)

Here is a peony that is ahead of the curve in blooming.

This is the arbor to the back garden from the right side of the house. French Lilacs, that flower smaller pink petals, flank it while I patiently wait for two Clematis. One is a fluffy white Marie Boislott I believe. The bunnies munch on it every year. There is a second Clematis on the same side but opposite end which I think is pink.. also bunny food~ so no blooms in several years. I really should get a bunny proof fence around them.

This photo is for all of us who love the cherry and apple blossoms that float down and around the trees and are photographed and seen before a foot has even tread upon them.
Hi Lorraine :)
I happened to see this from inside this week after a dark rainy night and morning... it was such a happy sight.

close up :)

This is the same day as the above photo. We had a very nice afternoon and then rain and sun... We get that very often here... so you can count on rainbows, yes several rainbows, every year. You can also count on at least one double rainbow every year also! It is amazing! This was a double but I looked at it too long before getting my camera! So sorry about that.
Can you see it just over the bushes on the left?
All the colors of the rainbow

I do have tomatoes around the corner of the patio. They grow profusely there and I have plenty to share. I love the petit, yellow pear ones and tiny clusters of various cherry tomatoes. I also have an herb garden next to my kitchen. I use this all summer and once was even able to use the sage for Thanksgiving Turkey!
I am so fortunate to have this yard. It has the perfect amount of grass for K.C. hmm. maybe a little less to mow this summer if I am lucky.

I will be back soon with projects and things to share :)



Draffin Bears said...

You have a beautiful garden Mary and thank you for taking us on a tour.
Love the pink peony.


Katie said...

Love the garden! I think the pink flower may be thalictrum -- meadow rue -- foliage looks like columbine and the flower stems are tall.

Thanks for the glimpse of your garden's beauty.