Tuesday, January 6, 2009



This post is all about the wonderful PRIZE package that I "won" at Carola's!
Well, prize may imply that I actually did something to earn this generous gift. I did not, for you can not say that going to a friends blog and saying hello is work. It is a joy! A joy that I have not been able to do much of lately. So you see what a treat to visit all of YOU!

You may notice, in the first photo is a beautifully soldered ornament with the Eiffel tower within it. MADE BY CAROLA! Now My Grandpa Marks taught me to solder when I was in High School. I needed some stands for some pictures I had made. So I bent wire and he showed me how to connect them! I, sadly, have not solder since. But look at Carola's expertise! There is also a religious medal of the Pope!

What a Treasure!

Her presentation of each package was delightful! Details all over!

AND what treasures lay hidden inside!

Can You believe this!

Beautiful wrapping papers... for so many uses other than wrapping.


More! & more!

And this is what was hiding within the above two wrappings~


What fun!

Notice the double sided wrapping paper ~ gold dots inside!

!!! Lovely label!

And the last photo of a VERY CUTE petit tin!!!!

Wonderful tin!!!!

Sorry it is a bit blurry.
I do love petit boxes. In fact my son just gave me a cache of small round tins!!! I think I will make up something pretty for you!

I would like to say thank you to Carola for another fabulous give away!!! When you visit her , you will surely notice her talent for taking beautiful photos also!


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Carol said...

Thank you dear Mary for making a whole post about the give away parcel you won from my blog in October 2008!

It makes me happy to see that you like what I've put together and it reminds me at the good time I had while I was in Italy in September 2008.

Here's wishing you a beautiful new year full of wonders and great surprises!

XOXO Carola