Friday, August 15, 2008

What A Treat!

No, not a Halloween treat... something even better!!! It is all from Lu Lu Sparkles


Look how beautifully she has wrapped everything! I love the vintage photo and the oh so petit envelope! Do you see it? It is addressed "Mary"... that's me :) Lu Lu gets them from The Envelope Please. Plus, this cutie, Lu Lu Sparkles, even sent more sweet things! Just look at all of those packages!

Surprise! See what they held! I am telling you she is soooo sweet to send all of this! The bobby pin is so adorable, I love it.
The cute little calendars, very thoughtful. Then there is the beautiful painted brooch, that was a BIG surprise!

Are you wondering what I actually ordered? Well, yes there is something that can even top all of these sweet frostings.


Yes indeedy! Is this ooo Laa Laaa? This is actually a locket that opens! Lu Lu customizes the inside of it for you with a map!
And you get to choose the location on the map! I chose Harbor Springs Michigan for this is a place that the hubby and I used to take our children before we moved to Chicago. We LOVE Lake Michigan, especially the Michigan side. The sand and the dunes and the water, ahhh, so peaceful!


This necklace is so very beautiful! I love it!!! TODAY is Lu Lu's Birthday!!!!
Hop on over to her shop for!! her Birthday celebration!!!
Happy Birthday Lu Lu!!!



lulusparkles said...

goodness gracious! i am blushing.
thanks for the shout-out sweetness!

Anonymous said...

such a lovely post and so many beautiful trinkets! It's all so much fun! Love the cabinet you painted to. It's so whimsical and just special.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi! I just found you through Kathy's Cottage. What a fun post and what wonderful treasures you got from LuLusparkles! (I think I'll have to visit her next).
Patricia :o)
PS: Just came back from your Etsy store. Your pincushions are beautiful!

Sugar Bear said...

Very sweet! Isn't Etsy so addictive?!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

What a great original piece! I'm hopping over to meet her!

Cathy said...


What a lovely lot of beautiful treats. Don't you just love when you get amazing little "extras" in your package, especially beautiful wrapping? You don't even want to open up your goodies.

LOVE this necklace. Thanks for sharing.

xo Cath

Kathy with a K said...

Love the attention to detail! The map/locket is precious.

countrygirl3031 said... got some wonderful treasures. I love the map locket...just beautiful!


countrygirl3031 said... got some wonderful treasures. I love the map locket...just beautiful!


countrygirl3031 said...
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Malphi said...

Wonderful..I love the locket, Susannah x

Rosemary said...

So cute Mary!!!

KarenB said...

Lots of lovely treasures! How fun is that!
Karen B.

Linnea said...

Oh wow. That locket is just perfect!