Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Story of the Weeping Camel

P3160129Spring is a wonderful time to refresh and renew. Our time with our loved ones is very valuable and finding a common activity that all will enjoy can be a challenge. My most beautiful sister (may I say here that ALL of my sister are beautiful : ) Amy, from NY, called and filled me in on a very wonderful film that she and her family recommended. You can rent it also! It is called The Story of the Weeping Camel. We watched it recently and LOVED it. It is a story of a camel and her first born and the family that has the herd of camels...mmm I believe they are called a herd. There are subtitles but there are few words so everyone can easily keep up. Infact, words are hardly ever needed. This is a beautiful movie filmed by National Geographic.

I am excited for you see this movie! Their homes are called "gers" in Mongolia, and yurts in North America. I first learned of yurts while watching an episode of Design Inc., Sean's Yurtt. I would like one of these...I hope there is indoor plumbing! There is such an array of topics of conversations that you can reap from this film!!!! Sooo many, and great for all of ages.

I am not sure if The Weeping Camel film even has a rating. Everyone can watch it. I do not recommend seeing the trailer.this way you will have no ones pre concieved ideas nor any visual ques as to what the film will look like. I believe that one should just push the play button of your dvd and ENJOY... It will be as if you ere there, expiriencing this life for the first time. Then get ready for the wonderful questions that your kids will have.

As some of you get ready to go on spring break away or at home, this movie is a definite bonus to the time you will share together! : )
Hugs, Mary
p.s. Here is a link to explain St. Patrick's Day a wee bit! :)


Natasha Burns said...

Sounds wonderful Mary! I have to tell you, I got confused and thought you meant it is about the camel family, (didn't realise you meant the family WITH the herd of cattle). SO I'm thinking, how would we get subtitles, does someone know how to speak camel and translate it for us? Silly me!

Natasha Burns said...

oops that should say herd of CAMEL not cattle... i'll just give up now, lol!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I think those Mongolian people are so pretty! I'd love to go there on a mission trip. Okay I'm going to rent this movie! Thank you :)

Sugar Bear said...

Oh I saw that exact same Design Inc. episode! Yurts are pretty neat - must be fairly inexpensive to maintain as well. You obivously loved this movie - I'll have to check it out!

a*LiTtLe*MuCH said...

hi mary! just stopping in for the first time to say what a beautiful blog you have!!!
have a great week!

Rosemary said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the movie tip.
Sounds good!

Lisa said...

I love the picture of your cat looking out the window. It makes me want a cat again. Beautiful