Saturday, March 17, 2007

Luck O' The Irish


Happy St. Patrick Day! Yesterday while working on some new items for the shop the radio was on, talking about St. Patrick. I did have an idea that he was not really a saint, but what a man he was...(please read the following with an Irish brog)....
He was actually British, kidnapped at a young age and brought to Ireland to be a slave! His duty was to tend the sheep. Tending sheep gives you quite some time on your hands. He would gaze at the grass and up to the stars and talk to the heavens. This is the way he came to know God! There came a time when he escaped form Ireland. He was able to get passage on a ship with very rough ,blood drinking, roughes. Now he did not partake in these events, and he was left to be much of the time. After sometime they found themselves on a lonely island. With starvation looming around, these men called out "hey there Christian". The men gave him this name because of his beliefs. "If your God is so great, ask him to give us food." Christian put forth a prayer. Well no sooner did these men turn around when a small group of wild boar appeared before them. They had plenty to eat from then on and they even shared a small portion with him. Christian made his way back to Ireland after hearing God speak to him. God asked him to return for there would be no other way that he could possibly return without being killed, for he was a slave that had escaped! He had the protection of God and was able to bring Christ the Lord to Ireland! For before this there was only a small pocket of Christians near Dublin that had learned of God from traders. The Irish gave him his name, St. Patrick. Also, he used the shamrock to explain the Holy spirit in one body! Three petals representing: the father, the son, and Holy spirit.
So there is what I now know of St. Patrick. HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!
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