Friday, March 14, 2008

A Finished Project

Hello! I was so excited to be working on all of the extra orders for Easter! I have been having great fun designing them for all of you! Thank You so much for the great support!!!

While I was preparing the Easter items the hubby was taking time at night making drawer pull outs for the kitchen pantry cupboard. They are finished and work as beautifully as they look. The guy really loves building things now.

Kitchen Pantry

FIVE DRAWERS!!! Count em!

upper two drawers

one ,two

lower three drawers

three, four, five!
The bottom drawer was place so as not to waste the bottom portion which was impeaded with the hinges from the doors. So he placed a shelf pullout right on the bottom of the cabinet which is tall enough to hold 4"+ baking pans/cupcake pans etc. This drawer did not really need sides to it.

The other pullouts all have sides and backs. You would not believe how many things were "lost" in the old design of this pantry. It was deep and dark and difficult to get into. Not just kitchen tools of various types but food also! Boxes of pasta, rice, new bags of flour that became old waiting to be found and placed into the flour canister (maybe I should bake more?)... even ice cream cones! All of this waste drove the hubby ~~c~r~a~z~y~~. I became immune to it after awhile... not good. I used ONLY the first 6" of one shelf and ahlf of another shelf.

Now I will be able to make a meal with ease. No more crowding nor waste...hopefully.
I still have not found my crock pot! How do you loose a crock pot! So my mom bought me a new one, which I picked out and LOVED!!! $30!!! The handle broke that night :( when we made dinner. So the hubby called the hotline and had them send me another. A new and improved model they said! It promptly arrived, with the same lid as the broken one! Just a bigger size. I am afraid to use it as the lid may break and the hubby will call and they will send me an even larger crock pot! I wished that I could send my new one to "Crock Pot Lady". She would know what to do with this beauty of a kitchen appliance!!!

All in all, I am sentimental. I would just like to use the one that my mom and I picked out together.

Ok, what is for dinner?


She'sSewPretty said...

Oh! I am so jealous! I have that same pantry where everything gets lost and I can never see what is in there. I would love to have one like your hubby made.

dede warren said...

Oh Mary, you gotta love a husband that is handy. The cabinets are beautiful. You're a lucky girl!

Merci-Notes said...

Yes, I am lucky. Look at those beautiful floors, he, my son and me too helped to put them in. Nice hard wood :) I could go on and on. I will have to show off the lazy suzanne i designed BUT he made a reality! :)

Sugar Bear said...

Ooo - that is some great storage space there! What a handy hubby.

Alison Gibbs said...

You are so lucky to have all that storage.

Rosemary said...

Hi Mary,
I love that!! I want to show my husband the pictures, so he can make some for me.

Bristol said...

You are so lucky, mu husband- not handy. I guess you can't have everthing:) I love the drawers, those will be nice.

Inspired Tokens said...

What beautiful drawers. Hubby did a fine job! Here's to a great organized kitchen and a great meal with the crockpot! What ever would we do with hubbies and crockpots?

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Mary~so brave of you to show your 'drawers' on the internet LOL!
What a crafty man you you! Happy St. P's!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Wow! I am so jealous. Those are fabulous and so handy too. Send that guy over my way. ~ Lynn

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