Monday, June 25, 2007


Thank You

Yes, Thank you all so very, very much!!! All of you who have checked out Fred Flare's "The Next Big Thing", and to all of you for returning to vote, AND even passing the word along you are so amazing!!! The community of women bloggers (oh is there not a more beautiful term for this), especially the women that I have been fortunate to have met are truly wonderful, inspiring, kind, thoughtful.... I could go on until the end of time! OH MERCI, MERCI!!!

I am excited for us to pass the info about the Fred Flare Contest on so that next year we will have some more of our loved ones in this challenge!

The Box

Here is the box I decorated for Lorraine's Necklace. The inside was actually my favorite part of the box...but alas, As if on cue, I forgot to take a picture of it. I get so excited to get to the post office and send the package
off! Thus resulting in incomplete photos.

Floating Box??!

The Big Cutie!!!

And WHO IS THIS??? This is our lovable, sweet cat Hobbes! My son Douglas named him...much to Caitlin's Distress...He deserved a more unique name she thought. (Caitlin's boyfriends' cat has the name of Constable!) But as it has turned out the name is perfect. Hobbes came from the A.D.O.P.T.E. program in our area. They are wonderful and protective of the dogs and cats. Doug and I were the only ones who went to pick him out. We had already gotten our first cat about a year and a half earlier...another story for another day! No one thought we should get one more cat except Doug and I. We knew what our other cat needed. Hobbes was the best medicine for her!!! He was there waitng for us when we arrived. He had been dropped off earlier that day in the parking lot of Petsmart. Petsmart has a viewing room for A.D.O.P.T. to house some of there cats and kittens. We got there just in time, for while Doug was holding the kitten a women came in wanting an orange tabby kitten. Doug had originally wanted a black and white cat like one of his best friends cats (Button's). However he saw the little, frightened orange tabby and all love was for him! He mews like a puurfect kitten, STILL to this day even! He talks to us, and he plays like a dog! He is great fun and we are so Thankful that he is in our lives!

"It's A good Day"

Here is my inspiration for some recent projects. I love how the jar holds the confections of ribbons. I think
we all love this idea! : )

Inspiration Jar


I also love placing pretty things, in pretty bowls. They are even more assemble for inspiring ideas I think. Notice how even dinner can be inspired from them while working! Humm, how did that get there? More importantly...WILL I be making dinner??? Yes, I will make a home cooked dinner-ALL WEEK even! Yaya, I will believe it when I taste it!!!
No, I really do enjoy cooking, just not the "what is this?" Chicago has amazing restaurants..tough competition!!! hehehe
THANK YOU ALL WHO ARE STILL COMING BY AND READING MY POST AFTER SUCH A LOOONG BREAK! I had my sister and her husband from out of state visit : ) : ) and projects and I had to go 'CRAZY" about the voting! THANK YOU again for all of your support there!!! : )


Rosemary said...

Love reading your blog. Your cat is adorable. All of your things look so pretty.
Hope you had a great dinner.

ArtsyMama said...

Hello dear!
Love all your pretty goodies. I am also a huge fan of bowls full of eye candy. Very inspirational!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see things sitting out in such a pretty way! The tabby is cute. It's always motivating to come here.

Only a Paper Moon said...

Oh Hobbes is adorable, and those apothecary jars are truly inspiring! I am sure you are a great cook, even when compared to Chicagos restaurants!

Ruth Welter said...

Love your box Mary...the roses are beautiful and Hobbes is adorable. I enjoyed reading all about you when you were tagged. Thanks for pointing me to that.

Secondhandrose said...

You gotta love those jars. Anything looks like a gem in a sparkling glass jar. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That little box is just so pretty! I keep forgetting that I have some of that exact same green flocked stuff too!

Lori said...

Everything you posted was precious, but the kitty melted my heart. How wonderful kitty has a new home! Lori

Sugar Bear said...

Hobbes looks so lovable! Thanks to Natasha, I finally got the Nice voting button working properly on my blog. I too love bowls and jars filled with pretties but I've got so many my work space is getting smaller and smaller! I hear you on the dinner- I love to cook but hate to do it during the week after I just get home from work - I like to cook when I want to and can take my time!

Natasha Burns said...

Love the box you decorated and Hobbes is a cutie! All the best to Caitlin!!! I voted! Hope she wins!!!

Michele said...

Your box is beautiful, great job! I love all your pretties in the jar and bowl, would love to dig through some of it.
Your roses are so very pretty, the colors are beautiful.

dede warren said...

silly mary, of course we still read your blog. we simply miss you when you run off to play without telling anyone! be happy dear friend! and next time, please tell one of the adults when you plan to be out for a bit.

Stephanie said...

Love all your pretties, especially that glass apothecary jar! Aren't they the greatest?!?

Angelic Accents

karin (creativechaos) said...

Mary....your kitty Hobbes looks exactly like our late kitty Sassy! Soo cute! I took a bit of a double take when i saw him!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Yes Mary I have missed you! Just checking back here daily but I know you had to help Caitlin out :)
I have a friend here looking and she thinks Hobbes is a perfect name!

Cheryl said...

I just love keeping trims in pretty jars and bowls, too! We are selling our house right now so I am "hiding" all my pretties but they are still in yummy spots...a biscuit-painted vintage lunchbox for all my trim and a sweet, old, white box for the ribbons! But in the new house they will be in my studio in pretty containers like this! SO enjoying your blog...

Eleanor said...

I just discovered your blog in the article about you in Somerset Life.
I LOVE your beautiful things! You inspired me to make a few bird tags last night. What fun I had! Can't wait to get some pretty jars to put my "pretties" in. Looking at all your pretty things in your shop made me feel like a Little Piece of Warm Toast! A phrase coined from my sweet, sweet daughter, referring to my sweet, sweet teenage grandkids! Keep writing!