Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Sneek Peek

Here are several sneek peeks of the very fun Bits~n~Pieces Collage Swap I am in over at Jenny's

Sneek Peek Sneek Peek

Jenny Holiday's Bits~n~Pieces Collage Swap

I do not know how to manipulate a photo to show tiny parts only . I hope to figure that out soon! And I think "blurry" adds to the effect..(just covering my behind from my "in-house editor" heheh.
With this sneak peek I started thinking about Christmas especially and those who love to sneek a peek! Do any of you now or when you were little check out a gift??? Do you tear a little corner to see the box labeling??? Or...Do you unwrap the entire gift and put it back together???!!! I am not sure if one of my sisters, who shall remain nameless, may have actually practiced both of these techniques! Hehehe. I remember seeing our Christmas gifts once in our parents closet. They were piled HIGH!!! There were Six of us kids!!! It was enough for me to know that I had been good and that there were presents!!! Oh, not that my parents ever threatened. I think it was just more widely "known" that "you better watch out, I'm tell'in you why, Santa Clause is coming to town". Did I stop to think why the gifts were in my Mom and Dad's closet!? NO, not me. I was quite content just knowing that the gifts would be under the tree! One year the SAME sister woke ME up on Christmas morning! That shows how she too loved Christmas and gifts! She came BACK in our bedroom barely able to contain herself!!! WELL, she did NOt contain herself!!! She spilled it all out immediately, without missing a beat to catch her breath...she was breathless from the excitement!!! She was very thrilled to announce that we were getting BIKES for Christmas!!! 4*NEW*BIKES!!! I was thrilled and mad all at once! I was getting one of the bikes (she said one had my name on it, hahah) On the flip side...I had no surprise left when it was time to get up and go out to the livingroom where our tree was. I actually love this story because it really is one of those funny stories, and to look back now I have a great visual of Kelly (OOPS)( heheh) coming in to tell me our wonderful news. We rode our bikes all around for years and years and years. I learned to ride "look Mom no-hands" on that bike. I could ride from our driveway around our entire block (4corners).without touching the handle bars. (Our Mom raised us all without any of us breaking a bone!!!) We all loved those bikes. After my husband and I got married he wanted to get me a bike, since old blue had since been let go. He got me another Sears(I insisted) blue bike! Oh yaya, I still have it, he up grades the tires to a wider tire....but I need to start riding it again!!! Oh what a good cue for THIS!


Rosemary said...

I love sneak peeks, but I like to be surprised. My daughter has a way of knowing what her presents are ahead of time.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the giggles about Christmas & sneak peeks. I was an expert at unwrapping & carefully re-wrapping so no one ever knew! My daddy would co-erce me into telling him what Mother got him, it would sooo frustrate her, but was great fun!!

Angelic Accents

Stephanie said...

Forgot to ask, do you have a lamb & deer collection? I've got a few lambs. Would love to see yours!!

Angelic Accents

Anonymous said...

Lol, love the Xmas bike story.
Last year I got "smart!" and numbered the kids' gifts instead of putting their names on them. (Of course I kept a master list of what number belonged to who) That put a damper on their sneaking, shaking & rattling thing they normally do.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh yeah, I peeled a present from my brother open when I was a kid, then skillfully patched it back up...he had gotten me a skateboard which I put many miles on. I never felt guilty about peeking...since he was the master who taught me!

dede warren said...

Mary, you crack me up with your photography skills! I thought maybe you were going to post about refinishing a table when I first looked at the photos. I had to look again CLOSELY to see the sneak peek! Silly Mary!

smilnsigh said...

Hi Mary, just saw your comment in 'Miz Smoochy Lips' blog. I'll copy below, 'cause that will be better than my trying to paraphrase it...

Btw, I couldn't do a run {at 70!!! -grin-}, but I sooooooo agree that we all need to keep aware of what our military does for us.

"I love your Iraq challenge and I think that would be a good thing for all of us Americans to think about doing..I think it brings you more in touch with this struggle/challenge they face. I mean in terms of keeping the men and women on our hearts and minds.
I have wondered if your husband is over there or with you and your family? Which ever location what a service he gives our country."


smilnsigh said...

Yes Dear, you have my name right.

Thank you for stopping by and making a comment in one of my blogs.


Sugar Bear said...

That is certainly a peek! I'm excited to say that my husband had finally agreed that we can get me a new camera tonight! Yea! I never sneaked a peek at the gifts - First I never knew where my mother hid them (she is good - recently she was going to tell me where she used to hide them and I told her I didn't want to know - I like having that be a mystery!) and second, I liked the surprise of it - I never (and still don't) wanted to know until it was time to open the gifts - I would and still do get up early though to see what glory awaits under the tree!

Only a Paper Moon said...

Oh what a great Christmas story!! And I thought my mom had it tough with 2 girls, but I can't imagine 4. And Corinne Bailey Rae, love it, love it!! The perfect summer song!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

I love your wonderful story about the bike!! Thanks for sharing that great song too...makes me wanna go ride a bike!

try looking for the little "flower" symbol on your camera and turn it ON when you want to take a close up shot. This will make it clear and not blurry. :))

Meg said...

Mary, that is such a sweet story. I love the image of you and your brothers and sisters riding around town all during your childhood!

Thanks for the video, too. I watched the whole thing and now I wish I had one of those old fashioned bikes.