Thursday, May 24, 2007

~~~More Mail~~~

The mail kept coming and I was lovin' it! I have learned a big lesson though! Do not open your beautiful packages until you have the camera ready! Many of the packages came beautifully decorated and some even had TWO tags inside! Others had multiple goodies packed with the tag... hmm, visions of more tags! These girls really have done a phenomenal job! They are all so very talented and have I mentioned yet that they are all very, very funny!!!

Tammy's Tag Swap Tammy's Tag Swap

Look at the beautiful envelope that Michelle sent! And the Tag!! Such beautiful soft colors too.

Tammy's Tag Swap Tammy's Tag Swap

MizSmoochieLips has put alot of time and talent into her tag! Both the front and back are so beautiful with lace, and even buttons! And she sent another tag! B*I*N*G*O~~We win!

Tammy's Tag Swap

Tammy's Tag Swap

This beautiful blue dream came from Jamie! She used soft pretty elements in her design. This piece reminds me of Lake Michigan! Every summer my Mom and Dad took us to Lake Michigan. As we would drive to the top of the last hill we could catch a glimpse of that big beautiful blue span of water! You could hear all of the gulls and the smaller birds in the dunes amongs the trees...thus arriving at Jamies wonderful piece :)

Tammy's Tag Swap Tammy's Tag Swap

Heather was another friend who sent a big package! A stamped ticket, and vintage papers!! Oh, and a double ruffle of lace! Then there is still a lovely tag made by the artist herself! She has layers of stitching, papers. photos, print and water color!~ Such Talent!

Tammy's Tag Swap Tammy's Tag Swap

Dawn sent this "beautiful" little fairy! She wrapped her in a sheet from a vintage dictionary. Each of us were given the page with our "name" defined on it. Mine was "marry"!! She also used stitching, papers, photos,and fabric when designing her piece! As you can see, this tag can also be used as a gift tag! Ahum, that would be IF I was willing to part with it!

Ahh..and I still have two more tags to look forward to!
What will I do when the mail stops! Oh yikes!!!


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

OH I wish I would have joined that swap! If you hear of any more tag swaps..come over and let me know! lol

Just beautiful little tags! How fun to have some from everyone. I love the ones you created too.

Sugar Bear said...

Simply lovely! I didn't join this swap but looking at the results - I wish I had - I've just been too over committed lately! Are you going to display these?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous!!! All of them have been fabulous! This swap really kicked my booty and I stressed like crazy of these (*&#$$ tags, but getting all the ones back from the other talented girls really made it worth it! It's been great big fun in the mail box every day!

Meg said...

So pretty! What will you do with your new collection, Mary?

Ruth Welter said...

Mary, you received some beautiful items...lucky girl.

Gypsy Purple said...

What a lovely swap!!!!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Aren't they all fabulous?? I'm so glad I participated in this (my first!) swap!! :D My 1920s look fairy you asked about is from Joann's crafts, but it was years ago. Maybe one will show up on Ebay sometime? I checked for you and there are none listed right now. If I ever see any for sale, I will let you know!! :)
Thank you SO much for the gorgeous tag you sent me!! I LOVE it!!!!

Natasha Burns said...

Just GORGEOUS all of them!!!!!!

karin (creativechaos) said...

Mary....I just got yours!!! So beautiful! and the stitching!! What a piece of art! Thank you so much!! I FINALLY mailed should be getting it soon! Karin

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Mary, just took another look at your pics, can't get over how cute they are!!!!!!
Just added you to my fave blogs, hope that is ok?!
Natasha ;) said...

The tags turned out lovely, what a good group you were in!