Monday, May 21, 2007

Tag Swap!

The weekend was a pretty good one here! The weather was perfect on Saturday. Our son Douglas was in his first Marathon, 5k run. His was very excited to be doing it! It was held at the Brookfield Zoo so they ran amongst some of the animals. What a great Zoo! Later we had an evening baseball game to go to that Caitlin's boyfriend, James, played in. It was a night game and a double header. Very fun! We were able to meet his Gandfather jim for the first time. He is 84 and he does his exercise regime everyday!! Oh yes, he is in excellent shape! Does not look his age! We also got to see his Grandmother Arleene (his Mom's Mother) and James' mother, Barbara! James has a very, very lovely and fun family! I feel like we have known them always! Of coarse we forgot our camera for BOTH events!
I have noticed that all of my pictures take place in or around our home...can't forget the camera.

P5200006 P5200009

Tammy made us all a beautful tag, each one different, as did everyone. Tammy has taught me that a little red is needed in every room. Her tag uses 2 different red wallpapers! I love the red with the subtle soft green in the ribbon. It is gorgeous! Thanks Tammy!

P5200003 P5200021

This one above is Lisa's. A beautiful layering of art! And the reverse side holds script! A beautiful scentiment!!! I love how she used nice long layers of ribbon!!!


This is Maija's beautiful tag. She used textured in my favorite: flocked paper!!! And she has many layers too! Love the checked black and white ribbon!!!


P5200012 P5200018

This is Melissa's tag. She packaged it very sweetly. The hole punch is in the shape of a heart! This is where she slipped the blue and white string in and her card and a little round tag with the letter "M" on it!!! Maybe for "Melissa" or maybe for "Mary"!?
You can also see the front , when out of the packaging, and the other photo shows the beautiful back of the tag! Lovely wall paper!


Trudi said...

Very pretty tags. Thank you for stopping by Trinkets and treasures.
I will post pic. of my blue room. I'm so inpired by your chandelier. I'm done with school soon. I teach special ed. and boy do I have a long list of todos. I'm going to add you to my side bar. That's my goal tonight adding my blogging friends to my sidebar.

Rosemary said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend.
I love all of the tags. They are all so pretty.
Have a great day!

tricia stirling said...

pretty tags, and congrats to your son on his run!

dede warren said...

oh the beauty that surrounds you my friend! sigh...

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Yes, I'm thinking some more red is in order at my house...I really like that one! Also the tag that has a tag...cute idea. We have stacks of plain manila tags at my husband's office...I need to nab a few and get busy :)

Zabrina said...

Your blog is very nice!! Love these tags too!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh my gosh! What a fabulous swap that must have been - so fun!!!