Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh where or where have I been!?  Fixing (at the "Doc's", numerous visits) my
computer after it ate too much....  then somewhere in the process of packing up
the computer numerous times my camera cable was lost.  Yes I do mean lost.  I
can not find it anywhere!!!  It should have never even been unplugged,  but it still
went missing.... I looked for days and weeks and finally convinced someone we
needed to buy a new cable... did you know you can not just go out and purchase
one down at the corner shop.  Nope, you must buy it on line.  I am sooo happy to
have my new cord and now I can share with you what good things I have been up to!
Taa Daa ~
This is a table top secretary I was commissioned to paint {by a very favorite family}.
It looked differently... but I have no before photo... I cleaned it up and put the primer
on so fast that I forgot all about a before shot!
There are TWO versions of the "topper".
A nice artichoke  ~
Or she can easily switch out for a nice little birdie~

Side views ~


Of course I must paint the back also : )


The rosette and ribbon banding can come off if she wishes.

AND who could resist doing a bit of something to the inside... even though it is tight quarters ~

The map on the left represent where the husbands family comes from and then the
right map, where the wife's family is from.  Hmm, what is it like to have an  ISLE
named after your family!!!
I did find my family's area!  We have a burg/borough named after us!  But I digress.
This piece is done in the McKenzie~Childs style.  I hope that you like it :)

And that is ONE thing that I have been up to this year.  I will be back soon to share
finished projects also!  YES I did say FINISHED! :)

Thank YOU all for stopping in to visit while I was in limbo land.  I do so appreciate all of you :)



Julie Ann said...

So very gorgeous, Mary!!!! That tiny artichoke is so cute!

Dolly said...

I have always loved MacKenzie Childs art work!
This piece is beautiful! I am impressed! :-)

Have a wonderful sunday,
Hugz, Dolly

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

How lovely to have you back again.
Love the table top secretary and what a wonderful job you did with the paint work and finishing.
The maps of where the both families came from is a neat idea.

Enjoy your week

Heather said...

This is amazing. What a wonderful little chest. I am sure they will love it an treasure it for years to come.

Sugar Bear said...

Gorgeous Mary! But I would expect nothing less from you. I love the interior detail and the maps are a great idea.

Andrea said...

What an awesome job you did! I love the inside too!

amy said...

oh i love it. your work is beautiful. i MUST share this with my mil who ADORES MC!!! she paints this way, also, and has done actual MC work at a local china company. she'll love seeing this!!!!

carla said...

It's been awhile since I've been to your blog and there are so many lovely things to look at. (Life has thrown me a curve, and I'm slowly getting back to normal after major surgery.)

What a beautiful work of art you created!