Friday, November 13, 2009

Studio Time

In The Making

Since I have some moment to breathe I am going to play in my studio... I may add a few ornaments and a cottage to the shop.
The above photo is one of my new wreaths while it was "in the making" in my studio spot. I love these shining gems for our homes this Holiday Season! If you put them over a mirror you get two times the merriment!



Stink Bone Jones said...

My goodness, I love it all! I especially love that tulle flower. How pretty!

Dolly said...

Oh Mary that wreath is beautiful!

I have a question.....did you wrap the styrofoam wreath before glittering it?
I have a small heart wreath I'd love to do in pink glitter for Valentines day!

Thank you so much for the inspiration!