Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Petit Project

Our Joyful Home

The week is going by fast! I so appreciate my blogging friends.
After all, visiting, sharing and supporting one another are just
a few of the reasons why we have our lovely blogs.
You are the reason why I love The Blog Celebration Weeks especially.
I love thinking up and plotting out the projects that we will do
each year... well, this is only the second year but I look forward
to many more years.

I know that many of you are young mothers and this project is for
your children... although Karla's, Chelsea is a wee bit young for this
one. This project is really devised as a jumping off point for YOU. :)
I know that you all can take my idea to the next level and beyond!
Just remember that your children should be Very involved in all
aspects of this. Considerer it your training for the approaching
school year where parents need to let their child do their own
diorama's and science projects.

I think I was influenced some what by Posie Gets Cozy and Posy.
Early projects of garland at Alicia's For the Holidays and Jane's
twinkling lights still shining on her banister and plate rack. I love it!!!

This is also a recycling project if you wish.
Ok already. I will finally let you in on it! I am calling this ~

"My Joyful Garland"

This is a garland to inspire {a.k.a. get our kids to do____{fill in the blank}.

1) Supply your little and not so little ones with your scraps of pretty papers,
newsprint, magazine pages ... what ever is appealing to them in terms of
color or image.

P8050006 P8050002


2) With your help, share your punches and get out their own scissors.


3) Punch out shapes and cut out strips.. what ever shapes your children like.
Place a hole punch in one end of the tag { to run the yarn through later}
Of course you can do this for the little ones who want to participate in the
following steps :)
Perhaps they will want to decorate the tags.

4) Give each child their own pretty bowl or cool container OR place the
"tags" all together.

5) You decide or decide together WHAT the THEME of each Joyful Garland
will be.

Will it celebrate:
  • each chapter that you read?
  • bed you make
  • chore that you do
  • smile that you give
  • kind act that you do
  • each time that you walk/play with your sweet pup or cat
  • ...what ever inspires your child
This is to be a happy project that can be hung from a door way (especially)
or anywhere that it is going to be highly visible and not forgotten about and
where others can celebrate and congratulate one another on their success.

So gather your pretty markers, glitter... and some nice thick yarn scraps
and hole punch (optional).


6) Cut lengths of yarn that work in your home for hanging and go ahead and
hang them NOW.
{i put some blue tape on the end of mine... you could use clear tape to help
thread the tags}

7) As each accomplishment happens, you or your child can write on the back
of the tag what was done...etc.
Then Your child, children, string it "UP" the length of your yarn {length is your
choice} so it is at the top of the yarn. This way it is easy to keep hanging the
tags as they go along, joyfully through their tasks.


This project is simple. I hope that it does bring JOY to your child as summers
rays of sunshine
spill over your happy home.

hmm, maybe I should make a Joyful Garland for Myself???



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Sugar Bear said...

Hi Mary,
What a fun idea! I will definitely do this with Chelsea in a few years!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

what a fun project and will be so neat to let kids show off their artistic flair.

Have a happy weekend

tales from an oc cottage said...

Now that's is darling!

m ^..^

Angela said...

Cute idea! Such PRETTY papers. :)


Teal Blossom said...

Hi Mary, I love this!! Your plates are beautiful too :)