Monday, July 6, 2009

The Maternity Ward... I mean Yard

I can't seeee you

Yes. My husband found a rabbit sitting by a hole in our front flower bed. We think that she had just birthed the bunnies that evening. So Ducks, birds and rabbits galore have found our yard to be the perfect "first home" for their broods.


I know the mother rabbit had come to check on them for their coverings were changed daily. She hid them very well. On occasion we caught glimpses of their cute little faces~ then suddenly, 3 sets of legs and ears would go flying all around as they all tried to turn their backs to us... as if this would deem them invisible to us. A game of TWISTER in their tiny home. The above photo was taken on their last day in their tiny little home. They took up residence under our bushes for a few days and then under the clematis vine. Now they are off to the big wide world.

The Forth of July has come and gone... so quickly! We had fireworks every night! This includes surrounding towns and neighbors and neighborhoods! I am amazed at how large the "backyard" fireworks were this year! We watched the Naperville fireworks... they always do such a beautiful job. Our favorites are from Naperville and Petosky, Michigan where they shoot them out over Lake Michigan.

Finally~ a peek at what I hope to be doing today...

LOVE all of these papers! Amy butler... will I have the courage to actually use the paper??? It is soooo beautiful. Basic Grey, Porcelain, 7Gypsies, Deena's Penny Lane, Me&My Big Ideas. I will be using them on a special project, but like I said... which will I have the courage to actually "use up"... if they are gone.. they are gone :( However my project will be gorgeous!!!



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

How lovely to have all the little families of bunnies, ducks and birds right in your back yard.
It must have been fun watching the fireworks.

I love your paper and what absolutely beautiful colours and patterns. Look forward to see what wonderful things you do with it.


Elizabeth B @ A Classic Pearl said...

How precious. I had a lovely family of birds on my porch. I think it's a wonderful feeling to know that others have made a home of your home!

tales from an oc cottage said...

Oh my gosh! Amazing!

m ^..^

Natasha Burns said...

aww the gorgeous bunny baby!
Did you end up using the papers? They're really gorgeous! love to see what you did with them

icandy... said...

Your bunny family is soooo sweet! Just think... you'll be able keep an eye on them and watch them grow! :)

Happy day!

Angela said...

OOOh, the papers that you chose for that project are YUMMY! You have good taste. Don't you just get INSPIRED by scrapbooking papers????