Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunny/Under the Weather

Comfort Tea

I already took a sip of my tea before taking the photo... felt like bad manners.
This was followed with chicken noodle soup, which I do not love for this was the first food my Mom would give us when recovering.  This would have been preceded with Vernors.  Have you had Vernors before?  It is a delightful soda, a ginger ale.  Well, it is not lovely when you are ill. Served with vanilla ice cream, as in ice cream float, is delicious...  rendering childhood memories of being under the weather negligent.

Yesterday I spent the day in my favorite pink chair with the remote, my headache, cough and sore throat,dosing on and off.  Ah, "he" would not dare touch the remote now!  Not with all of my cold germs all over it!  Ha Ha!  My hubby does not like to be sick, who does.  But the Super Bowl was on so even though I had the remote, I placed the T.V. on the appropriate channel... sneaking a peek at the Kitty Half Time Show and the Puppy Bowl once when someone left the room for a moment.  This was the very first time that I have watched an entire Super Bowl!  Yep!  I have never sat thru an entire game. It was ok. It is pretty brutal. 

Oh, I only have a bad cold.  As I am finishing this I am feeling much better, new medicine. 
I hope that all of you are in tip top shape and enjoying some sunshine streaming through your windows. Lovely!


All of those clementines with their vitamin C did not seem to stop this cold from getting to me! humph, go figure.


Mrs. Wacky said...

Aw, I hate to hear that you are not feeling well... I will keep you in my thoughts, and hope you get feeling better soon! :)


Felicia said...

Hope you feel better soon :)

Vintagebella ~ Andrea said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Andrea said...

I hope you'll be feeling better soon!

Jessica said...

First off, get well soon!

Second, I ordered some of the Snail Mail cards from and I got your mobile. :)

It is fantastic and I just wanted to let you know how talented you are!

Alison Gibbs said...

Mary I hopr by now that you are feeling a lot better

ღ Cindy ღ said...

Hello Mary, hope you have been recovered from the bad cold already! :)

Take care Mary! :)