Monday, January 26, 2009



Yes, this delightful, refreshing, delicious and energizing little sphere of sunshine! It is getting me through a very long bout with snow and freezing single digit temps. Last week it was in the double digits giving us a heat wave! NO kidding! It felt wonderful! Sadly the arctic blast from the other week reached far south into Florida! So very sorry. At least we expect this type of weather.

Every time I see these little "CUTTIES", as they are called, I snap them up OR the original version (as I like to refer to them) Clementine's. My Mom always treated us with Clementine's during this cold time. This year they are on the shelves much longer than usual. I do think that the season is waining down though.

If you are in need of brightening your outlook, try a Clementine or a tiny Cuttie!




Sugar Bear said...

It has been extremely chilly here too. I'm ready for winter to end. Friday reached 43! I was so excited but it was very shortlived.

tam said...

Oh I am sooo in need of some sunshine! Love that plate-very pretty! Hope you are having a nice day~Smiles~Tam!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I bought a bag today! Shock and surprise how amazing they are! I shared with my aunt,uncle, mother, brother...none of us had had one before LOL. Yum!

Jerusalem said...

my kids are addicted to Clementines! They are such the perfect little fruit!

Rosemary said...

Love those too!
Just catching up on the blogs.
Hope you are warm and cozy.

Karla said...

We love Cuties at our house!! Yummy!

Susiebelle said...

I love love love clementines!

Katie said...

I can almost taste the sweet cutie. So good in the middle of a very cold, snowy winter.