Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring Entry


Today will be in the 60's!!! Remember, I am here in cold,WINDY, FREEZING Chicago and it is FEBRUARY! Ah, It is a true heat wave and I will be taking full advantage of it!. The sun is already streaming thru my windows, renewing the body & soul. I hope that you will be enjoying a pre spring show this week also.

Spring Entry

The primrose is from my grocery. I like to get at least one each spring and for $1.99 it is a nice treat. This time I did a bit of re-arraigning. I replaced the heavy metal urn, which is nice but I wanted to "lighten" the area, with two separate glass pieces. A clear candy dish on top of a pretty aqua cake stand. I know, a bit different, but I needed more presence and I like the "tanslucency"! It freshens the area and with the primrose in place and the sun streaming in it really is a welcome sight!


I will be back tomorrow to show a little project that I am working on. AND it is actually finished! Yep, before I have even shown you the the AVANT/before shot. Ah~hum. in fact this time there will be not one tease shot for I forgot to take before shots! At least it is done!



ShabbyInTheCity said...

Boy I know what you mean! I got to open the windows for a little while yesterday...it was so fresh and good for the house! And me!
Your primrose set up is so pretty :)

Frivolous Whimsy said...


I know how you feel about the temps. To be this warm to day in our neck of the woods i.e. Chicago and Mid-Michigan was so wonderful. It lets us know that Winter is almost over and Spring is a comin~