Friday, January 9, 2009

Remember These?

A Collection

Do you remeber these pretty plates from last summer?

And this little beauty? Pretty plate!

Well! I have hung them up on my kitchen wall! After my daughter made note that I have nothing on any of our walls and my husband fully agreed. Let's remember that the hubby is willing to put ANYTHING on the walls just to have something on them. I remember quite well after we were married, when he wanted his "Dogs Playing Cards" tapestry up on the wall of our apartment! Now this is a man whom I had to convince that placing furniture away from the walls and even at an angle was ok.  

So they are both happy now. AND I must say that the hubby hung the plates for me... while not quite "hearing" the plan for how the arrangement of plates would be. He decided upon a circle. I had to go along since they were already there and the holes were made... but in the end it is not a circle. The last two plates did not work out quite right so it is as it is. Not a circle. :)

The plates

My Favorite Plates

I placed them on this wall fully knowing that I can easily make changes.  I do like how it has come out in the end... however~
If you have any ideas for other arrangements of the dishes, I would LOVE your suggestions!
Thank You!!!



ShabbyInTheCity said...

What a sweet and talented husband!
I love the arrangement and the good news? I see room for more Haha! Little butter pats hung in and around these plates...I wonder if they make hangers that small? I'd like to cover a wall in butter pats.
I have read down all the posts I missed Mary! Your chicken meal looks wonderful (I'm a mushroom girl!)
And I know you are thrilled with your pkg. from Carola...she is so talented.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Oh yes, I remember those pretty plates!!
I like the way they are arranged ~ quite lovely!!

CuteStuffInside said...

It looks great! I'm going to have to take a picture of my plates on the wall and then post it. Thanks for the idea.


Lorrie said...

Such prettiness on the walls! The arrangement worked well.


Jennifer said...

Very Pretty!I like it that way.I love that white tidbit tray too!Hugs,Jen

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Mary! Those plates are so gorgeous!!! They look beautiful hung on the wall!

Susiebelle said...

Hi Mary! I love your plates. They look wonderful! I want to hang plates on my kitchen wall, but I think I might have to go the plate rack route-I am sure one of us would bump one and then it would break and then another etc! One idea I saw at the local Anthropologie a long while ago was plates hung in no order, kinda pell-mell all over the wall. I liked it! Some even slightly overlapped others. This was ALOT of plates. It was beautiful. Happy New Year! I read down thru your entries and realized it has been awhile since I last stopped by.

themagickbox said...

Hi, new reader here. :)

The arrangement is lovely. It looks almost like an oversized fan or chandelier made of plates. :D

Katie said...

The arrangement works for me -- especially how the large three plates anchor the middle. Looks like you need two more smalls in the top 'row' -- maybe the size of the two on left and right bottom.

Love when the husband helps with homey tasks like this.

Love your blog, as always.

Vickie said...

I remember those! The cool thing is there is room for more or maybe some flowers or ? It looks very nice and well balanced.

Karla said...

It would seem to me that this wall arrangement is simply the perfect excuse to buy two more small plates to round out the circle! By the way - can you please teach my husband that furniture does not have to form a "cockpit" pattern along every wall in the house? sigh.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

ooohhh they look lovely!!! xoxo