Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Came Back!

New  from Kelly :)

I made it back! I am excited to show you what I found! At the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, Caitlin was a few doors away from her neighbors of last year, Kelly and Matt of My Favorite Mirror!!! Actually, by Sunday morning they were her our neighbors! The several tents in between had collapsed under the rain fall!!! Above in the photo you can see a CUTE key charm ring! Kelly has started her very own design line.!!! She and Matt have art work from other artists on their products but she has now designed her very own line! :) LOVE THAT! I was able to get one before the supply was depleted!!! LOVE THAT!!!
LOOK at the back~

Kelly's Slogan :)

I just popped over and took a peek at the Renegade Scrapbook! Hop on over for yourself and see all of the FUN in spite of the weather! They had a great stage set up and while I was there I heard a few songs. I think that Renegade did a great job selecting the bands. You will also see a shot of Caitlin's table while you are there!!! This was taken late Sunday night.

I have to say that Sue, the head of Renegade had very tough job that weekend, what with the weather! I know she felt for all of the vendors and bands. The rain did not interfere with the spirit and strength of the Renegade Chicago group! If this were a sport, which it just may be, I would say that it was a great series. Congratulations to all of you who came out, set up tents, walked the show and joined in the fun!

Guess what!? I will be back tomorrow!!! Oh Dear, have you fainted!? I have a lot to share right now!



Carol said...

Hi Mary!
Sounds as if you had a fabulous time at the fair!
Warmest wishes from Germany sends you Carola xox

Sugar Bear said...

Hi Mary,
You sound very happy! That is an adorable key chain.