Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Almost Lost!

Pretty plate!
As I was putting away some of Caitlin's plates Look what I found!!!  I had forgotten all about it!  That is pretty sad since I found it at one of ONLY two flea markets I made it to this summer!  And it was the only item that I found to buy!  I do love it.  Perhaps I will wait and make my wall of plates next winter. I am kind of weird that way, in that I like to wait and look forward to the fun.  And I do believe that we ALL would agree January and February can always use some cheer!

"Almost Lost" could apply to myself! I apologize for the lack of posts in the past few weeks.  I am on the production line for my daughter's Renegade Craft Fair Booth.  This year I believe Caitlin will be close to the music./  Yes, Renegade is having music!  Last year the music was part of the Division Street Party.   Can you say LOUD!?  If you go HERE you can link over to the various bands sites and sample their sound.  The location and times for Renegade are there also :)


Say, stop by and say hello to Caitlin, the "NICE" booth! :)


Sugar Bear said...

I hear ya Mary! I went to the flea market a few weeks ago and came back with nothing! So unlike me. January and February can definitely use some cheer! They are tough months for sure.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That is a beautiful plate!
I misplace things I buy while thrifting, all the time. Then I will happen across it and it's like it's new to me all over again!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

LOL! I am also waiting to do a plate wall...and I don't have to wait...just savoring like you :)
Lucky Caitlin! Put me right by the loud music...I'm happy there!

Vickie said...

Beautiful plate! January and February can be long months. Sounds like a good time to do your wall of plates. I hope Caitlin's booth is a huge success.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful plate.

Finding the plate must have brought back the original joy you had when you found it.

Happy Friday!


Vickie said...

Hi again! I thought I'd let you know I have a drawing going on if you'd care to stop by.

CuteStuffInside said...

Just came across your blog, and I absolutely adore it!


Cathy said...

Hi Caitlin,

I absolutely adore Bavarian china. I love this plate. I wish it was mine.

xo Cath

Lorrie said...

Your plate is beautiful and the wall of plates will be as well. I just love china!


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

pretty plate!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! hugs!! Britt :-)