Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seeing Stripes

More choices!

Laundry room! Yes, It is still in progress. Sometimes, I have learned, that not "everyone" is on board with design choices that I make. Usually in these instances nothing happens. A stalemate, I am just realizing. Stalling. Not a good thing.

Since, hmm late 90's, when I saw a magazine spread of a Chicago condo, I have wanted to have a light grey, horizontal stripe. My plan was not quite as bold as the designer/owner accomplished in one of her rooms. A softer version would be nice. While the laundry room mechanics were being redesigned by the hubby, my opportunity was forming in my mind! The longer, empty wall that needed a design element that literally took up ZERO space. OOO, my striped wall!!! Like I said, not everyone was excited, well, at least in the positive direction! After all the hubby did have a lot of work into the room as well as myself. I designed the floor from the stone, size, pattern and even which stone would go where. The later was not my idea but the hubby's. I assisted in laying the stone ( i stress assisted) and even wiped down the stone after grouting. We both loved our results! But to think that I was going to throw him another curve ball was a little too much for him. But now I LOVE it and so will he.

The top photo was a distraction choice I toyed with... white walls with a large pink horizontal stripe(~8") with a small pink space under it with a 2 1/2" gold stripe under that. That would be the repeat, about four times. I decided to go with what I had been wishing for for sooo long.

The bottom photo is the actual light grey stripe, horizontal, in progress:

racing stripes?

The stripes for our wall are 10 5/8th". We adjusted ever so slightly for the wall socket to be within a white stripe. We also taped off JUST the one bottom grey stripe and went ahead and painted it, took the tape off and looked at it for 24 hours... to see if "I " liked it. This was the hubby's idea and it was a good one, as many are. Oh, we also started with freshly painted white walls and all moldings were off.

Well, I loved the one stripe and was excited to go forward. However: Caitlin, who also loved it,and myself were worried that it may actually close the room in. After all, the floor pattern went the width of the room while the wall stripes went in a "railroad" pattern... opposing directions.

I forged ahead, willing to sand and re=paint if necessary, after all the paint was all ready paid for and I had plenty of white paint left to re-do the wall. I did not take a full look at the wall until each stripe was painted and the tape removed. (we went ahead and taped the remaining 3 stripes and painted them all at once). We looked at our results together and I loved it. I am very very happy!!! IT ACTUALLY OPENED UP THE ROOM!!! Happy, happy, Happy! If you want to do a horizontal stripe I highly encourage it!!!

Hobbes is having surgery today... they have already called to say he came out with flying colors but they will keep him until after 4. As much as I would like to see him, I am thrilled that THEY are going to be watching him for th majority of the day. After all they are the experts! I was worried about the anesthesia, but all seems good now :)
So, I may be busy this weekend caring for him and finishing a furniture project for a friend. I will definitely see you Monday!



~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Best wishes to your sweet Hobbes! :)

Rosemary said...

Hi Mary,
Glad Hobbes is OK!
Good luck with your project.

Sugar Bear said...

Best wishes for speedy recovery for Hobbes! So do you have some tricks on getting the tape straight?

dede warren said...

You are a bold girl with your paint choices, but I am glad you LOVE it! My China and Rowdy are sending soft purrs to your Hobbs.