Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The Big Cutie!!!

Today I opened an email with a great organization tip. It is Martha Stewart's Important Numbers List

The only thing I would encourage that you add is YOUR OWN address and phone number. Under great duress our recall my not function as swiftly as we would like. ALSO, extended family members, visiting guests and babysitters would want this information in the event of an emergency.

Just wanted to pass this on. Perhaps you have this taken care of but just need to update any info. Also, check with your cell phone providers for the way you reach 911 on your cell phone.

Speaking of Organization... Here is Hobbes sitting on Caitlin's things! On the dining room table no less!!! We snapped the photo quick before he got up... yep, we had to make him move. He knows he does not belong up there!

Need a hiding place?

Here he is hiding under the kitchen sink! the doors were opened while the trash was being removed, and in a flash he was in there! The Thunder started and he originally went for the basement door...but it was blocked by a box. I called out to him and I heard a soft mew. He has the sweetest mew. I followed the sound around and just happened to look in the cabinet! Sweet Hobbes.
See you tomorrow!


Rosemary said...

Hey Mary,
Thanks for the info!!
Hobbes is adorable!!
Love orange cats!
Have a wonderful day!

Sugar Bear said...

Hobbes is so cute! Love that little expression on his face.

Inspired Tokens said...

Thanks for the info ...I need all the help I can get.

And Sweet Hobbes ...I'm scared of the thunder too! But, I think I'm way to big for under the kitchen cupboard! Those sometimes I'd like to hide there!

vintagebella ~ andrea said...

what a cute kitty, we just got one and the kids love it! come by and say ! I have a link on my blog .come take peak !

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Too cute!!!

m ^..^