Monday, June 16, 2008

Merci Dede!

Beautiful Ribbons

ooolala! I ordered some beautiful ribbons from Dede's shop. They were swiftly sent out with a beautiful and thoughtful surprise!


merci Dede!

This very beautiful box, that was once used for staionary... merci note cards!!!
Dede, you are so thoughtful and generous AND a whole lot of fun!!!
I do treasure the day that we can meet up!

I have my mac back! This was a looong surgical transplant operation, actually requiring a number of donor materials! I am not so happy with her recovery though, settings were changed, my desk top is a mess...she goes to sleep if you leave her for a moment and she does not want to wake up the usual way....programs had to be reinstated... ah, I am not happy with her recovery. She is young, just three this year. I am hopping that everything just needs to be reset. I know that those doc's donated all of their time, energy and genius to her, I am grateful.

Blog celebration update tommorrow!!


dede warren said...

OH Mary, I am so glad you like the little box. It really isn't much, but I had to get it when I saw it at the flea market (is there anywhere else I shop these days?). I thought of you immediately and am glad to send it to it's proper home, with you.

I ams o sorry to her your mac is not feeling well, I dread the day my MacBook get sick. I hope she is feeling well soon.

Inspired Tokens said...

Beautiful treasures. You are one lucky lady.

Isn't it distressing when our computer friends become so sick! I hope that you have your Mac back to normal soon. Sometimes they just need a little R&R, just like their owners.

vintage paper bella ~ andrea said...

I love the sweet stationary! cOme by and enter my giveaway! :)