Friday, May 9, 2008


Petit Lustre

Yes, I am still breathing! Sorry to have been "lost". So many projects for the house have been keeping me busy. Yet, nothing is completely finished , YET!
Remember subfloorthis, the laundry room floor?

The NEW floor is in, but I have one more wall to paint, and perhaps re-paint. Yes, possibly repaint. Why? I have been wanting to do soft grey and white large stripes for a very, very long time. AND greyish blue ity bity "giraffe spots" for just as long... but that is a different situation and place, and I digress. So, one wall of the laundry room is the perfect place to place interest WITHOUT depth into the room. As soon as I catch up, I will show you the finished room. I will also show you the other items I have been working on for the house..

I have also been very blessed with alot of company! :) At least for us. My Hubby's brother, Chris came over two nights. Wonderful. My niece Anna and her mom, my sister KELLY, YES KElly : ) Came a visiting. Anna for three nights and Kelly just one. Ok, I have gotten the order mixed up? Well, just this past weekend and thru Tuesday afternoon my Mom stayed with us!!! We went to a flea market with Caitlin AND DOUG AND the HUBBY!!!! WHAT FUN! I have no pictures of this for I did not bring the camera!!!!! In fact, I still do not have the camera with me... someone has kidnaped it! As soon as I get it back I will be snapping away some photos to share.

MEANWHILE : ) I have been working very diligently on more CHANDELIERS! Sorry to have kept so many of you waiting. The little rascals are tedious en devours. But I do live to make them for they bring so much pleasure with their little glimmering crystals... imagining swirling ball gowns beneath them!

I am going to be having a giveaway! Did I already tell you this??? Well, I really am! I have missed both birhtdays, my blog and etsy shops'. :( I loved what Lilia did for her"Spring Fling".
So I want to do something fun a special give away. : ) : ) :)

So, I hope you do not give up on me! I am a hard worker and would like to have some FUN here! :) THis girl needs more fun!



Stephanie said...

Hi Mary!

Sounds like you have a hotel going on!! But company is always fun!

Still loving my little pink chandy & I just recently bought a big girl one, too! :0)

Angelic Accents

Alison Gibbs said...

What fun having so many visitors

Rosemary said...

I love your little chandeliers Mary!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Natasha Burns said...

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day Mary, love the chandeliers. Wow so many people, sounds like it was so much fun!

Secondhandrose said...

Company wears me out! Can't wait to see you new projects. Love soft gray. Come for a visit.