Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chandeliers Tonight!

I woke up Hobbes to take this picture a few weeks ago. He does not look thrilled. hehe

But, he IS THRILLED to know that the chandeliers are arriving in the shop tonight! Before 6p.m. CENTRAL.
Let me know if you want a certain color or milk glass swavroski beads that you have seen in the shop before.
I have tried to plan to meet these personal needs.

Here is my beautiful Elizabeth Magnolia Tree!


I guess it is 16 feet tall now. It is about 6 years old I think. Last year we found a baby one at a nursery. My prayers were met! I had $50 to spend on a Magnolia tree and there it was waiting at a nursery that we decided to visit for a change. I will show you a picture of it tomorrow, if the sun is out. It is in the front yard. Yes, a little diminutive for the front of a home, but that was what my budget would allow. These trees are a pleasure to watch grow. This year it had about 8 blooms! The one in the back (shown above) has way too many blossoms to count this year! And boy do they have a delicious aroma!


Off to work on a top secret surprise for all of you!



Sugar Bear said...

Ooo - I love surprises!

Rosemary said...

I love surprises too!