Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day & Night

My Weekend

Wellll, Saturday was a very busy day. The sun was shining and the children came out to play with the pup, Kailey. It was her last day with me, whimper, whimper. So my neighbor Lori and her three GREAT kids went for a walk with the pup. It was quite an adventure, meeting up with a gigantic English Sheep dog appropriately named Daisy. These two girls were not on the same page. By the time we turned the last corner Kailey was one very tired yet happy dog!
The pups family returned at dinner time. The owners were so very happy to see her as was she! I dare say that Kailey was weepy over the reunion!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
My hubby was trying to cut the 16" tiles of travertine in half, so they can be laid in a subway style pattern on the laundry room floor. (something that he is not at all on board with me... more work). I say the word "trying"= the table was not gliding into the blade of the saw. After cutting 7 tiles he finally gave up, cleaned up and went to Home Depot for answers. He got them. Lubricant was needed for the tracks... who would have thought! Not us. He also got a new blade just for extra protection. Since it was late, we ate popcorn for dinner and since the taping of the baseball game did not work. Umm, let's not talk about who did that... but unfortunately for me the evidence was ON THE TAPE! Baseball play one moment, Design Inc's progress on an oh sooo cute cottage remodel the next. And so it went... showing my channel surfing to TCM, checking on the description of movies, everything recorded! Then the Hubby kindly and very sadly asked me if I ever changed it back to the game. What a silly question.
He left for the laundry room, the other disappointment of the day, and began working. By 11pm I went to bed and then decided to call, yes, we are in the same house and I have been known to call him on his cell. "Maybe it is time to quit", as in please do not work on the gas line in the middle of the night. No worries, he says, he is working on the backer board. But I say "it is late and you are tired". Wrong thing to say. I awoke later to a huge moaning, like a ghostly spirit who is in pain, yet calling my name. So a trip to the emergency was made and we returned home 7 stitches later. Oh ya, ANd a HUGE shot in the thumb no less. Hubby corrects me-"MORE THAN ONE SHOT" He did not faint. I tried to distract him from the situation and start a conversatation about hockey, the Buffalo game, and his band etc. This was not a good day for him.

Here he is on Sunday... back at the job, wearing the glove that the Doctor gave him to protect the thumb from debris, water...

what is up with the blue glove?

And here is the floor with the backer board in place.... yes they tell you to put in screws every 8 inches!!! OH, plus there is a "thin set" mortar under it! ooo, I hope we never decide to change the flooring again!

backerboard is on :)

So that was my Saturday. Today, Hobbes is basking in his kingdom lounging at the top of the staris. No more pesky dog chasing him, he says. I miss the cutest ever pup. But, I was summoned by Lori's daughter, Katrina, to come and visit their sale table located at their driveway. The special of the day was candy and rocks! Yes ROCKS! Not candy rocks either. 50 cents each! Inflation on rocks even! I sold mine for a nickel and special ones that came from the shores of Lake Michigan for a dime When I was here age. I of coarse chose a beautiful rock, It is gorgeous and came with 4 hugs from Katrina, priceless!

I hope your weekend had at least one priceless moment in it!



ArtsyMama said...

Oooooh LOVE rocks!!!! Picking up rocks and shells, you just can't beat it.

P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment on my flea market pic.

Cheers, Mary!

Stephanie said...

Hi Mary! So sorry about dh's mishaps this weekend. Cute post, tho. Love that inflation has even hit the rocks ~ too cute!! The hugs were priceless, I'm sure!

Angelic Accents

Sugar Bear said...

Never a dull moment over there! Thank God hubby's injury was fairly minor. Popcorn for dinner happens a lot at our house too! So easy when working on projects.

Anonymous said...

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holly abston said...

aahhhh, Mary! The joys of remodeling! We're about to redo our fun. We used to live in a fantastic old 20's house and my husband did all the work on it himself. Needless to say, five years later, he was ready for a new house! Can't wait to see the finished project, sweet Mary.

Rosemary said...

I hate days like that. I'm glad you all got through it.
Hope the thumb is doing better.
Good luck with the project,

Jen said...

What a trooper your hubby is! Mine was trying to fix the garage door during the middle of the night one time and it resulted in a trip to the ER too. Wow, your laundry room will be gorgeous though! Good luck!