Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let It Snow?

Winter Wonderland!?

This snow fall is Gorgeous, BUT! We are all tired of driving in the mess it leaves on the roads. Perhaps it could snow only on the grassy areas. That would be nice. I like how our neighbors in the Southern States take it easy when they have bad winter weather. I feel they are pretty smart to take this time to romp in the white stuff or snuggle together next to a fire instead of driving thru it to work. Ok, Maybe I am dreaming a bit? Do you remember the snow days of our youth? That wonderful feeling when you did not have to go to school? And everyone was out playing in it? I remember one in particular... my Dad and many of the other fathers in the neighborhood went around shoveling out each of their driveways together. I must say that this household as well as several of our neighbors have helped shovel, yes shovel, drives and walks. Then there is the snow blower, we all like helping out with that wonderful invention also.

Yes, it is beautiful. It also provides much needed moisture for the spring and summer as snow all over our nation will finally start to drip, drip and trickle into the creeks and river beds. Bright green grass and buds of spring bulbs start to peek out from the ground, giving us hope again.

Enough Please


Natasha Burns said...

Mary your snow photos are truly amazing! So beautiful!!!! I could only imagine how fun a snow day is! It is good that at least you get the snow turning to water and feeding the earth - we are having a drought and could probably do with loads of snow (but we wouldn't know how to drive in it!)

Sarah and Jack said...

Mary, I saw your beautiful little article in Somerset Home this weekend. I loved it! Congratulations.

Lyna Wan said...

I live in tropical country. Even I want to experience snow, I don't know if I can tolerate the chill

Sugar Bear said...

I agree that snow on grass only would be quite nice. Though I do appreciate one or two days where I can call into work and snuggle by the fire. We were just talking about snow angels yesterday - a friend of mine made some during our weekend storm. You are never too old for a snow angel!

suburban prep said...

Can't tell you how many times this winter that my dark blue Honda Cr-V has looked white because of the salt from the street.

dede warren said...

Mary I just returned from Utah, and piles of snow there. For this California girl, I was refreshed and in awe of it all. But I too can see the concerns of dealing with it while trying to go with your daily duties. I hope you are all safe on the roads as you go about your day. But while you are home, enjoy those beautiful views!

Alison Gibbs said...

Mary your snow photos are beautiful, but I don't know how you cope with it all. So cold and so much extra work.

Rosemary said...

That's beautiful Mary!!
It's bright and sunny in California today!!
It's Springlike weather.
I have never had a snow day sadly.
I have lived in California my whole life.
Keep warm,

Inspired Tokens said...

Your snow pictures look devine! All of our snow in the valley is almost gone, but there is still plenty in the mts! I live in UT, the skiing this year has been wonderful! But, I'm looking for those little bulbs to start peeping out soon!

Jen said...

So, so, so gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Yes....in Texas...if there is one frozen patch on the road, traffic is backed up for miles and the schools get shut down. Ha! Looks pretty but I'm sure your ready for it to melt!

purpleflowerfairy said...

what beautiful photos... debbie =) it's w*i*n*t*e*r wonderland!!!