Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cute Things to Share

Last month while entangling myself in the web, I discovered a very cute key chain! I "hearted" it. Then realized a few weeks later that I would treat myself and purchase it! This is how it was wrapped, uhm, well, not quite. I actually tore into it! I did notice how beautifully it was wrapped as I quickly flipped the package over to rip the tape. I opened it and all of the pretty things tumbled onto the table, gently! I realized my mistake and carefully tried to put the package back together again! So, as pretty as this looks, it was far better before I touched it. Every fold was carefully made and creased.

Good Mail!

Such care was taken! As well as the attention to the contents! A beautifully made Wristlet Key Chain!

Jimmy Pickles

Ah, you ask, "Where may I get my hands/ wrist around such a lovely treasure? A utilitarian beauty!? Right over at Jimmy Pickles that is where!!!

I love all of her promotional add-ins. And a piece of candy that I believe will help you to whistle.

The Goods!

I must say that this wristlet will hold up to the toughest schedule all while looking pretty cute! Or if you prefer... another mood that you can find in her other fabric choices! :)
Have fun!!!
Oh yes! I will be showing you the Apres Photos of the sconce very soon!


Sugar Bear said...

Hi Mary,
I have one of her wristlet keychains as well! I love it. I bought it primarily for work as I'm always carrying keys to buildings, etc. but have found that it is so great for everyday tasks like going to the store and just popping your keys on your wrist. You'll love yours I know!

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Karla!
I agree! I cannot wait to use mine! I have been waiting to get the photos taken first of coarse! I also think they would make great little gifts or even a VERY nice gift tag!

Anonymous said...

Mary -

I have one too, that I bought from Jimmy Pickles as well! Aren't they adorable and so handy? In fact, as I look at yours, I see mine is the same fabric!

- Karla #2 (Rose Cottage Lane)

Natasha Burns said...

Mary how funny! Just two days ago I ordered three of them from Jimmy Pickles too!!! I almost ordered the exact one you did but ended up going for the blue paisley that was a tiny bit brighter.
They look fab and the packaging is so swet, I can't wait for mine to arrive and not have to put my keys in my bra strap!

Rosemary said...

Very cute stuff!!!
Thanks for sharing.

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

oh my, I better check out this shop! How fab :)

Sweet Designs said...

So cute, love the paisley and the color combinations! It is always wonderful when something is pretty as well as practical!

Sarah said...

I've been wanting a wristlet for awhile now. I seem to carry my keys and wallet around more than a purse. Love it. Thanks for the link!

paige said...

well thank you for the link....looks too cute!
i must head over now~~

Inspired Tokens said...

It's all so delightful..the package, the add in's and most of all the key chain! Lucky you!