Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Favorite Shop!


Way back in November, Yes November, Caitlin, my Hubby and I went to the Shabby Chic shop in Chicago.  I was in Heaven!!!  The holiday trimmings were up and looking ever so beautiful in this fabulous shop.   This year they gathered vintage ornaments for each location that would be available to us!  Caitlin and I picked out THE SAME ORNAMENT!   hahaha   One was larger than the other, but each had softly aged cream, pink and yellow on a gold bell.  Old fashioned hangers of course!  


I love going to this shop.  Even though we are able to get there only once or  twice a year we are always remembered by Elizabeth, the beautiful girl who works there.  She is such a very nice and genuine person!  She makes beautiful table scapes for our eyes to feast upon.  And then they also have the inviting vinuettes of furniture placements around the shop!!!  I would go every week if I could!  I have such a feeling of peace and welcoming when I am there or am looking through all of Rachel's books!  Oh, there may be another book in the works!!!   I have every single book that she has written.  One of my favorites is "Shabby Chic: The Gift Of Giving".  This one is not in the home decor section...just ask the info desk for it's exact location.   
Look how beautifully Elizabeth wrapped our bags!


I am looking forward to visiting all of you again. Due to various situations that included the loss of my logic board and then the internet server problems I have not seen everyones Christmas homes.  I do consider it a privilege to be "invited" into your homes at Christmas!  I have found "blog land" to be filled with such talent and kindness and FUN!  It is such a wonderful place to see the beautiful projects, and talented writers!!!   It is a privilage to be in your company!

Hugs xoxo,


Sugar Bear said...

Hi Mary!

Lovely packaging - and adorable ornament! I would love to visit this store. Maybe someday I'll be out that way.
Happy New Year!

Rosemary said...

Hi Mary,
What fun!! I love Shabby Chic.
I have been to the one in Malibu and Santa Monica. I have all the books as well.
Visit me when you can.

Alison Gibbs said...

Mary, you are sooo... lucky.
I wish we had a Shabby Chic store in Australia (especially my part of Australia). I don't know why they haven't opened one up here, as so many love the Shabby Chic style.

Rosemary said...

Hi Mary,
Me again. Just wanted to say congrats to you!!
I got the new issue of Somerset Life. Very impressive. Your blog, article and pictures are fabulous.
I love knowing celebrities!!

Anonymous said...

I can remember hanging that exact ornament on our tree growing up! It seemed to have been lost over the years though. Lovely taste.

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

Thank you for the sweetest comments on my blog :) You are inspiring me to do more scriptures in my work! This blog has gotten me so excited to go to NYC!!! My best friend and I are going in February or March and Shabby Chic (TM) will be the first stop we make!!!
Warmest Blessings my dear!

Cindy Roberts said...

Hello! Today I found your blog and had to laugh when I saw your post on the Shabby Chic store in Chicago! I share the same affinity and visited the same store 2 years ago. I visit the one in Malibu when I can. I have all the Rachel Ashwell books except the one you mentioned. It's on my list! I would love for you to say hello! Cindy