Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Pretty Girl"

This is our Sweet Catapult. We took this picture of her last Christmas with my new camera. Our first Christmas with her in 1999, she was almost one year old then, she immediately plopped herself into our Manger scene that we set up on the floor under the tree. It was quite a sight! The manger is large, about 12" tall inside the stable and is made of heavy card stock. She looked very happy with herself! This photo is not on digital so I will try to post it during the hoidays.

A Fitting View

This was Catapult's, Catilin and my view all day Monday. You can see her little bed at the bottom of the picture. We bought this and her little cat crate for her when we went off to A.D.O.P.T. that Saturday in hopes of finding a kitten. NOT a tabby, AND NOT a cat (older kitten). That was our agreement when we left. BUt her nickname was "Hat Trick" and she mewed to us and wanted out with us. So we came home with an older tabby kitten, re-named Catapult by Caitlin. She had the sweetest face, most beautiful eyes I have still ever seen in any other cat, and pretty Abyssinian type ears. She had gone thru alot in her young life and needed some adjustment time. We patiently waited for her to come to us. Finally, months and months later, she had been sitting on the floor in a "safe" place a when suddenly she bolted accross the room landing in my lap! Hahaha. It was like when you finally are going to dive off into the deep end of the pool! She still liked her space but she was the sweetest cat ever.

So we sat on the floor and talked to her, softly petted her around her chin and ears...her favorite places. we cried and cried. Our eyes are still swollen. The beautiful Catapult was our family's very first pet. Hobbes is our second. We had her checked, her numbers were very, very high. A kidney transplant was first offered and then a daily shot to help suppliment her fluids for the rest of her life. But this could not guarantee success. Her chances were not good.
We were told we did a good job. We thought of her and not us. My husband made the call and Douglas came with us. Caitlin could not bring herself to come. This is really the first death of any kind for Caitlin and Doug. They were very young when my Dad died.
There have been many of you who have lost a beloved pet just this year. I felt your pain but did not know that we would actually be going thru it this year also. All experiences can enrich our lives, even the toughest ones. Challenges that are meant to strengthen us. I think of California and all of the need there. I think of our soldiers and their families. And I think of us all with our own struggles we face. I wish you, us all, Gods Love and protection and guidance.



Rosemary said...

I'm so sorry Mary. I know what it's like. We had the same thing happen 2 years ago.
We had our cat for 18 years.
It's a sad day.
Thanks for your well wishes to us in Calif.
I'm thinking of you and your family.

Flea Market Queen said...

Oh Mary...I am so sorry!
We had to put our beloved dog of 13 years down this last March and it was soo hard.
My thoughts are with you & your family...

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Mary, I am sorry.....
It happened to us just in August, when we had to say goodbye to our dear cat Boomer. I miss him every day.
(((((hugs to you)))))

Natasha Burns said...

Oh I am so sorry Mary. They are part of the family and it feels like losing a part of yourself. We had Fluffy the dog for 17 years and I was heartbroken to have to let her go. I hate to think that this will inevitably have to happen with Ernie.
Big hugs xo

Erin D. said...

Mary I am so sorry. I lost my sweet 17 yr old kitty this summer so I know how you feel, it's one of the hardest things ever. Take care.

Sugar Bear said...

Oh Mary, I'm so very sorry. Our pets are truly members of our family and their passing is so difficult. Prayers and love to you and your family.

Becky said...

Mary, I am so sorry for you loss. It is hard when you lose a pet since they are family too. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
Hugs and Love

Anonymous said...

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Arlene said...

Oh, Mary, I am so sorry, it is so very hard, I've been there twice, and have another that is very sick. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Anonymous said...

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Meg said...

Mary, I'm so sorry about your family's loss. Catapult sounds like a sweet little companion...and I can just imagine how much she will be missed.

Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
I am so sad to hear about your lovely kitty. She looks like she was a real sweetie!
We also had to put Kelly (my husband's working dog and constant companion) to sleep about a year ago. It was a very hard thing to do and so sad.
All the best to you and your family.
Kathy xo

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you. Pets are special family members.

Stephanie said...

Dear Mary, I'm so sorry. Our pets truly are our family members, too. Such unconditional love.

Love & Prayers,
Angelic Accents